Ahad Tamimi, Untermensch and the True Face of Western ‘Values’

Palestinian 15 year old girl (in west who are termed as a child) is now detained by the Israeli police, apparently for protesting against the brutality of the Israeli soldiers and the atrocities going on in recent days on ever debatable issue of Jerusalem. She was seen in pictures worldwide as showing her fist to the armed Israeli soldiers. Now the girl is detained and prosecuted in the court. Some reactions (or lack of reactions) below:


We dont know if this girl is the child of a lesser god, or this girl is an Untermensch (inferior people), which is now often seen as the attitude of a large part of the world.  good analogy is given below, on, if the same had happened, not by the Israelis on the Palestinians, but the Russians on a westerners! No doubt the whole hell would have broken out. Protest from Rosa Park is not treated as equal to protest from this girl, even though this time, it is even worse in repression and brutality.


Well, we understand the duplicity, cowardice and double standard of the west on this. We understand their attitude towards the Untermensch, though we are daily lectured on human rights and freedom. We dont envy them on this. We were told about the western ‘values’ that made them different from the rest. Below is from New York Times column, beacon of such values:


One confused flabbergasted oriental mortal has asked, what does this mean? Meaning of the quoted sentence above. I dont want to go deeper into this. But now I understand what do those ‘values’ mean. Bravo.



Ukraine-Part 10: MH 17 Tragedy: Truth, Post Truth and Conspiracy Theories

Kees van der Pijl, a Dutch professor in the Department of International Relations at the University of Sussex and the president of the NGO The Committee of Vigilance Against Resurgent Fascism, recently finished writing a book titled “The Launch: Flight MH17, Ukraine and New Cold War(Der Abschuss: Flug MH17, die Ukraine und der neue Kalte Krieg). The German-language version of the book will go on sale later this month, and the English original and Portuguese translation will be available by the end of the year.

Professor van der Pijl examines the tragedy from a geopolitical perspective and asks: who benefited most from this disaster? And he answers: the US, which subsequently imposed sanctions against Russia, undermining its gas industry and checking its growing role on the international stage.

Specifically, the professor cites the following arguments:

– One day before the tragedy, the BRICS nations signed an agreement to establish their own bank, which the US saw as a rival to the IMF and World Bank.

– Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel had settled on a new conceptual framework for resolving the crisis in Ukraine – without US input – and real progress was being made.

– In addition, once the Boeing 777 was downed, American gas companies were suddenly able to find the traction to kick-start their work in Europe and force Russia out of the EU market. Moscow was forced to abandon the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline, and relations with the government in Kiev, which subsequently became a pawn in the games played by the West, definitively soured.


Not a single European or American media outlet has reacted to the announcement of the book’s publication and its path onto the shelves of bookstores is unlikely to be an easy one. However, times are changing, and many people are taking an interest in and flocking to Professor van der Pijl’s blog, Der Abschuss Flug MH17, which provides information about the publication of the book as well as links to his sources.

Using the materials available to them, the authors of the blog intend to shed light on the absurd inconsistencies evident during the investigation, as well as the investigators’ stubborn reluctance to answer awkward questions. Some known examples are:

– How could Ukrainian President Poroshenko, who announced the tragedy 15 minutes after it occured, have known that the Boeing 777 had been shot down by a Russian Buk missile?

– Why does the investigative commission not take into account the results of the experimental destruction of a retired passenger airliner by the company Almaz Antey, while also refusing to take part in a second experiment?

– What prompted Ukrainian dispatchers to alter MH17’s flight path right before tragedy struck?

We shall soon see whether officials will block the distribution of the book and what the consequences of that might be. But events could take an interesting turn. As a result of Professor van der Pijl’s efforts, we will learn the price of not only the work of the Dutch commission investigating the tragic fate of flight MH17, but the European democracy and European justice as well…

The Face of an Evil Dictator


I heard that Toronto Sun is a famous Canadian daily. Article below is published there on some evil dictator. Looks like it was written to establish a fact, that person is synonymous to evil dictator. I must say it has achieved its objective fully. It is a very well written smear campaign! I have never read a better one so far in my life. Nor I have seen such tirade and vitriol in one article on single person. This is a unique art, I confess. I am sure this form of art is taught somewhere in some schools in the west. I was wondering who is this gem of a ‘I know all journalist’ that I missed all these years. Shame on my negligence. But now I am enlightened. At the same time, I tried to ponder, on some issues that was mentioned in the article, about the evil person, from a different perspective. The article is written from a ‘western notion’ as mentioned by the so called ‘western journalist’ and ‘expert’. My thinking was, is there a possibility of any other notions? Like an oriental notion, a logical notion, or most importantly, what actually is the true notion? What is the accepted notion? Who will accept which notion? Well these are questions, I don’t have answers for.

While reading, it seems the article has four parts. First part starts with the notion of evil metaphor with the person concerned. Tried to establish that it is not something to be discussed anymore, as it is already a fact (why waste time on this) but since some people are arguing (still!) against the notion, which the journalist called them as a group of ‘apologists’, it needs to re-establish the fact that the person is indeed true evil. After that it starts with statements in second part is about how the evil is destroying his own country, in third part, how the evil dictator is destroying the neighboring countries. In fourth part, it is about how the evil with its long dark hand destabilizing the ‘goody-goody hello kitty’ type western countries! Pure evil huh! No doubt. Continue reading “The Face of an Evil Dictator”

Refreshing Honesty From a Swede

Swedish newspaper vlt.se published an article by Patrik Wallmark, link below: http://www.vlt.se/opinion/debatt/patrik-wallmark-usa-s-imperium-borde-fa-mothugg.

The article is very surprising in its absolute honesty, in depicting the true picture of the current world. No msms writes this these days. Swedes are generally famous for their open mind and straight forwardness. However, we have not seen that from their politicians so far. At least seeing some normal Swede who has the conscience, humanity and honesty to call spade a spade. This gives hope, that someday the warmongers, and their puppet journalists’ true faces will open to the wider world, where people are mostly unaware of the grand duplicity and machination going on for so long. There was another article from Norway few days ago. Now from Sweden, it gives me some peace of mind, just to realize that there are some sane, honest people still there. We have come to this low! Article (auto translated version from Windows Edge):

Today there is no peace movement. In Sweden, we affirm the ongoing revitalization and participate in military exercises near the Russian border. We buy without a doubt American Patriotrobotar who killed thousands of innocent people. We do not criticise the United States’s extensive warfare that lasted throughout the 2000 ‘s and killed millions.

Instead, we become lackeys for them through our silence and our cooperation with NATO. Here it is instead Russia called for spring and all the West’s enemy and we let the United States unchallenged intervene in countries where they are not even invited. We do not see the elephant in the room. Continue reading “Refreshing Honesty From a Swede”

The Psychopaths

A former Yugoslavian (now Serbian) wrote the comment below on the societies of Anglo-Saxons. He lived about a decade in London, another decade in NY and now in Canada. He basically could cover the bastions of Anglo world in a succinct manner! Remember he is a Slav. They have a different world view than that of the Anglos. Of which the Anglos are completely unaware of. Even though you bring it to them, they seem to be confused, like, often asking, are you a conspiracy theorist or something? And that is the way it was going on so far, for the last seventy years after the WWII. Understanding the neo-cons, neo-liberalisms, globalism and creation of (or mechanisms for) world government with people like Soros (as the known one) is important to know what is really going on and why.  And this is what he says:
Every time I explain to them what is going on and show them evidence – they kind of believe only to pretend again after a few days they did not hear what I told them – they play 100% ignorant again. I think this comes from their religious brainwashing/child abuse. they are terrified that their whole world will collapse if they admit their gurus/owners/masters/gods are fake and or psychopaths. So the delusion goes on and on forever. Perfectly slavish Anglo-sheeple. They also hope that by covering up for their psychopathic war criminal masters – some kind of reward for being a blindly obedient slave will materialize. Continue reading “The Psychopaths”


Comments from some readers on an article about Russia and Soviet Union:

Truth is I believed all I was told when I was young, Evil Soviet Union, Evil Empire, Godless Russians, etc. etc. etc. Biggest mistake my superiors ever made was to send me to these ‘Godless Russians’. It took me about two days to realize I’d been lied to for 40 years. Gawd what a mess Russia was in from the late 80’s through the ’90’s but I watched them, I was here often, and I saw things begin to change about the time VVP was put in office. I know he is not the Czar and never will be nor to I think he wants to be.

I have watched President Putin since he first came to office, I have seen how the drumbeat of lies and half truths from The West has steadily increased and President Putin has tied them in knots as often as he could. Russia is back, the real Russia, and with VVP as leader and premier statesman of the world and with the team he has assembled to assist him and further his views, I think Russia will do well both now and in future.

We here are in a way the truth seekers, we are the ones who guide those who are beginning to see that the crock they have been fed from for the last 7 decades is s//t and full of lies. It is up to us on this blog and other similar venues to help those who question, guide those who ask, and spread the word that almost nothing in West News concerning Russia is true. So be it. It will be a life time struggle for me, I ain’t young, but well worth the effort.  In essence, another Putin Troll reporting in. As an aside, wish I could buy the book but I can’t.

Continue reading “Hope”

How To Be a (Neo Liberal) Historian

 Historian Michael Burleigh introduces his new book, The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: A History of Now. 

Readers will be relieved to learn that the cover of my new book exactly reflects the content. So does the title. Though it derives from the long opening sentence of Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities, in fact I am drawing attention to this being cited by China’s president Xi Jinping when he spoke at the Davos summit in January.

As 2017 closes, Xi’s power has been consolidated and China’s economic and soft power is advancing by the day. He feels confident enough, with the erratic Trump and the wild card Putin, to suggest that China’s authoritarian Communist-capitalist model could be for export, at a time when the democracies are in disarray.

Dickens’s novel was nominally about the world-changing French Revolution, but he wrote it in 1859 when the first Industrial Revolution was at its height. Continue reading “How To Be a (Neo Liberal) Historian”