From Soviet Union to European Union

A reader on those horrific days during Soviet occupation, when Latvia was under Soviet Union:

“It’s disgusting to read this fictional and strained nonsense of the nationalistic maniacs. I was born in the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1960. I have never felt any occupation. My parents weren’t members of any party (Communist). I got free education in Latvian, was fluent in Russian and English. I graduated from the Conservatory of Musical Arts for free. We had a happy childhood, free education, ecologically clean food. We shouldn’t say that our life in the USSR was in vain and unfit for the motherland.”

Sarcasm apart. Now apparently heartbroken – after seeing the realities of blood sucking capitalistic neo-liberal world, that, its not all butter and honey for all, but only for a selected few – cries out to those who tricked the masses into the euphoria of moving to the heavenly life in ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’. Alas, her screams are little too late to change anything, as the country has lost all what it counted in exchange of the freedom it so dearly wanted.

“You all are poor as a church mouse. While blaming the “occupation,” you have destroyed all the manufacturing and production, you created unemployment, driving out the third of population into voluntary exile. Russian ruble, among other things, was more stable, and ten kopeks could buy you a lot of things. You cannot say the same about centimes”.

It is indeed sad to read something like this. More so, when one knows that they are being cheated on an historical proportion. Millions of lives have been lost in the process, by the name and allure of freedom and democracy in the former communist countries. If you talk to people from western most Slovenia to eastern most Mongolia, you find the same feeling.

Along with the man on the street, realization of a communist turn coat member of EU parliament:

“In those days, we built thousands apartments a year, which people received for free. Yes, people would have to wait for those apartments, and they were not as chic as modern, but very few can afford these luxury apartments today, anyway. Those who stole from us were engaged in speculation, which is now proudly called business. In Soviet times, people were coming to Latvia to live here and work, and now hundreds of thousands have left the country. At the end of the 80’s Latvia had almost 2.7 million inhabitants, now less than half remains. With this we are approaching centenary of Latvia.”

And from the new Union which Latvia was dying to join:

“LTV.LV: Troubling statistics published by the Euro Commission shows that by 2060 in Latvia 1/3 of population will be people of 65 and older. Our country in at the top as an actively dying EU member. According to the Euro Commission the population will be reduced by 500.000 people by 2050.”




Twitter comments from two eminent personalities. Says a lot about the inner spirit of our time.


The Great Western Propaganda Machine

No other President in the human history is demonized as an ultimate ‘evil monster’ like Vladimir Putin by the western propaganda machine. This machine, no doubt, is exceptionally efficient in its work (best in the world). It is an amazingly sophisticated meticulous propaganda machine. Hence the print version of the engine is silent, the electronic versions, e.g., History channel, Discovery channel, are much better at depicting Mr. Putin as more gruesome and barbaric than you may be able to think of while reading the print outlets below. People who read or watch this propaganda would immediately feel the sheer joy of reading such a beautiful piece of literary work or watching an award-winning movie. In no way, these poor souls would be able to understand how these beautiful pieces implants lie after lie, which to us sounds like the ultimate truth. Amazing time!

When we fear that peace might happen


When can that happen? Who can fear peace? We know them all by name:
Puppets of Anglo-Saxons, e.g. EU., Japan.
Military Industrial Complex.
These are the monsters. The Times (and all likeminded medias) are in fact the PR agent of the monsters. These agents are trying to brainwash the whole world population to believe in their propaganda. They become successful in completely wiping out the peoples view from the screen.

This is the new low, where they have now brought them in, and trying to bring us as well.



Smugness. Antinomy. Dilettante.

Recently the website published an article about the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) documentary Panorama which was on Russia, and of course about its President Mr. Vladimir Putin. I didn’t intend to copy and paste what it described about the Panorama series here, but my lack of English (as the article is also written by another Englishman), honestly compels me, to at least in part, do the copy paste here. For that purpose, here is the original link offguarian article. I keep the text from the article in italics below.

BBC flag-ship documentary series “Panorama” has long been a stalwart of state-funded television propaganda. They can always be relied upon to tell us what we’re supposed to think. In August 2013, on the very day of the Commons vote on military intervention in Syria, BBC News at 10 aired some dishonest footage from “Panorama: Saving Syria’s Children”. The full documentary, a shambolic piece fiction designed to outrage the public into supporting war, was aired just a month later.

Then it talks about the problems of the Panorama host Mr. David Dimbleby. In doing so, writer ascribes to the ‘way of thinking’ of the people from the ‘West’. This is immensely valuable to read and understand. And this where I was struggling with my language ability. I couldn’t figure out, and, oh my god, is it again coming from an Englishman as well! So ironic! But jokes aside, this is worth considering reading.

The first problem, and perhaps the biggest, is David’s ..…

The second problem, is the smugness. (noun: smugness: excessive pride in oneself or one’s achievements). Forget the factual inaccuracies re: the Russian economy, forget the totally evidence-free assertions, and just focus on the smugness.

The smugness of an English man who went to Charterhouse School, and then on to Oxford, is possibly one of the most toxic things in the world. So much evil has been done by men who are taught their own effortless superiority. Blood has been spilled by such men, oceans of it, evils done beyond imagining, all with a soft chuckle and clear conscience, because they come from a system that tells them their very existence makes them right. They do the “right thing” as a matter of course because of who they are and what they think. They are right, and the vast swamps of Other are wrong, and that’s just the way it is.

To me, this is the crux of the matter, of all, on how do they think: ”…..system that tells them their very existence makes them right. They do the “right thing” as a matter of course because of who they are and what they think. They are right, and the vast swamps of Other are wrong.” And they think that they are always right. No matter what happens. If things do get wrong, it was an unfortunate moment of application of poor judgment, to put it in right English!

These are the people who spread the British Empire over a quarter of the globe, all the time telling themselves that they were doing the savages a favour by giving them ‘civilisation’. The same men, the same minds, in suits that change with time and with methods that shift with the ages, have run the country for centuries and run the BBC since its inception. Men who believe morality is a function of their very existence. A path that rises up to meet their feet.

This is the British version of what the Americans call “exceptionalism”. It’s less brash, and less obvious, but no less poisonous for that. The worst actions of mankind flow from minds who never question their own moral position, and this documentary can be counted as small, septic, addition to that list.

Points above are indeed enlightening, in many ways, for us to know about ‘them’. It is important to know the other side who thinks they are ‘superior’ to all of the rest. Some says they are exceptional, God has given them divine rights, etc. to civilize the rest. Some dont say this explicitly but keep the agenda in their way of life and working with the rest. BBC is one organ, more than a Propaganda tool, it is functioning as a tool to spread their smugness. Which is being followed by the others who bears the similar way of thinking.

And so we begin…

I’ve come to see how Putin has managed to hold on to power for so long, and what the Russians see in the Putin that We, in the West, don’t.”

Dimbleby’s introduction is immediately partisan and dishonest – referring to “we” in the West as if there is a consensus, when clearly that is not the case, is a variation on the argumentum ad populum, the argument to common knowledge. “Everybody knows that”, or “We all agree on this”. It is deceptive language, being used to paint a false picture.

Likewise, saying Putin “held on” to power for so long, makes it seem like his Presidency was an act of force, when all the evidence is to the contrary. Dimbleby says so himself just a few minutes later.

In a democracy if you failed to deliver on your economic promises, if you surrounded yourself with cronies, and if you used the law to oppress opposition, well you’d be thrown out on your ear…but this is Russia, and they do things differently here.”

Dimbleby lays out, in one broad stroke, that Russia is backwards, and silly, and he’s going to come along and point out to us sensible Westerners just how they went wrong.

Leaving aside the hypocrisy (this is, let’s be honest, a pretty accurate summary of what every single British government has done since Margaret Thatcher), it’s also simply insulting. I find it insulting, and I’m British. If I was Russian and heard that? I would vomit blood.

It’s sickening…and we’re only 2 minutes in.