What Ifs…? From a Saint with a Tie.

Narrative offered by Senator Ron Paul in this speech is the true realities of the current world. I am sure millions of people around the world share his views. This is not something very difficult for a sane person to understand as it is the most logical conclusion one can make. Sadly, this is not what we are exposed to these days. Truth and realities are replaced by post truth and created realities. Billions are exposed to the exact opposite, with the military industrial complex, the war parties and their PR agent i.e. the msms selling and glorifying the ‘nation building’ through endless brutality and destruction of countries after countries. The self aggrandized belief of their divine role of ‘nation building’ and promoting ‘democracy’ resulted the killing of millions. It has become the most monstrous killing machine in the history of mankind.

With the demise of the Soviet Union, when one General gleefully admitted, during Gulf war 1, that Russians are not going to stop them. That was the moment the world started to experience the real face of the ‘promotion of democracy’, and what it actually meant! Russians were not there at that time, and still they are not there, to stop them. A nice speech from a Saint will be hurriedly buried under the rag. No one will take not of that. PR agents will be in their full force creating our realities that we believe we are in. In that reality we don’t feel any pain seeing people die in their thousands everyday. We start to feel that it is necessary to destroy before creation. Below is the text of the speech.

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This is Our Time


The smiling man of the poster is Mr. George Soros. This poster had appeared all over Hungary in recent days. In the poster Soros is beaming with his devilish smile. The text reads (in translation to a commonly used language): ‘Let’s not allow Soros to have the last laugh’ beside his head. The top of the poster says ’99 percent reject illegal immigration.’ Then a statement: the Hungarian government spent an estimated 5.7 billion Forints (€19 million) on the campaign. Continue reading “This is Our Time”

How the World of Globalists Turned Upside Down!

Was reading this quote from a commentary:

‘By now, most US allies had expected to be settling into the Hillary Clinton era, forging progress based on a shared vision of Western civilization, pursuing familiar multilateral approaches to saving the planet and to globalization.

Instead, they are learning to live with a sometimes capricious American President keen to redefine the West in his own
nationalist image, who goes against the consensus of centrist, multilateral international politics, and who is not afraid to pull at the divisions existing within the European Union.’

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Energy Politics and Current World Crisis

Lets have a look at the current world, energy politics and the never ending war and humanitarian disaster happening in many parts of the world. Heart of the problem is the EU, which is the second largest consumer of Gas in the world. See the map below, it shows the suppliers of gas to the EU and greater Europe.

Image result for pipeline politics

Map also shows who is the biggest supplier of Gas to EU as well. It is ‘unfortunately’ Russia! But we can see there are other sources, especially from Middle east, Qatar namely and Iran.

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Seigniorage Privileges

From wikipedia:

Seigniorage /ˈsnjərɪ/, also spelled seignorage or seigneurage (from Old French seigneuriage “right of the lord (seigneur) to mint money”), is the difference between the value of money and the cost to produce and distribute it. The term can be applied in the following ways:

  • Seigniorage derived from specie—metal coins—is a tax, added to the total price of a coin (metal content and production costs), that a customer of the mint had to pay to the mint, and that was sent to the sovereign of the political area.
  • Seigniorage derived from notes is more indirect, being the difference between interest earned on securities acquired in exchange for bank notes and the costs of producing and distributing those notes.

The term also applies to monetary seignorage, where sovereign-issued securities are exchanged for newly minted bank notes by a central bank, thus allowing the sovereign to ‘borrow’ without needing to repay. However, monetary seignorage refers to the sovereign revenue obtained through routine debt monetization, including expanding the money supply during GDP growth and meeting yearly inflation targets.

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