How to Write (and how should we read) an Article in MSMs

Article below is from the news site of CNN. I am trying to do an analysis of the writing techniques used in this article, as a sample, to understand how msms through their apparently innocent articles, instill the toxicity they like to spread. We the mere mortals, subconsciously are being subject to this type smear campaign and fall for it without realizing the frailty of mind.

I will look at the article para by para and see how it is written. My texts are brackets.

Vladimir Putin embraces Bashar al-Assad during a meeting in Sochi, Russia, on Monday.

(Para 1: Article starts like this, referencing to the picture above):
Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad, the Black Sea and a balcony corner of the Bocharov Ruchey State residence in Sochi.

(I removed last part of first sentence and the second sentence of para 1 which added below, as in the site):

Para 1 original:
CNN: Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad, the Black Sea and a balcony corner of the Bocharov Ruchey State residence in Sochi, a favorite of the Kremlin head. You can also see one of Putin’s many luxury watches peeking out from under his shirt, this one perhaps a Blancpain $10,000 piece, one that is often spotted on his wrist, according to activists.

(What is the difference between the two paras? So at the end of first sentence, it is adding, ‘Sochi, a favorite to Kremlin head’. Then in the second sentence we see the smearing and demonizing of Putin started, right after we were told that he is meeting Bashar. First with the introduction to a luxury watch, then with its price range, and brand name, making it apparently impossible for a president of a country to wear, and then referencing this info source to some ‘activists’. You may ask who are these activists? Writer himself maybe!

Lets analyze this, first you start with the place, then added ‘favorite’, with this reader already in question mind, why is it favorite? What specifics are there to make it favorite. As a reader you are beginning to be doubtful about a person who is called as ‘Kremlin head’, some title, not sounding respecting at the least. If we compare it with a hypothetical sentence like: Barak Obama…residence in Camp David, a favorite to White House head. But it sounds weird, isn’t it?  Well because we dont read this type of sentence for Barry, anywhere. By this time, after reading this one sentence, you are already in your negative state about the person. Then comes the hammer blow, the infamous watch! How on earth a president of poor country like Russia wear a watch, which price and brand is also given here. We are also told that he has many of these watches as well! It says, that this watch is perhaps at the lower end of price, only at 10 thousand! We poor readers already started imagining those luxury watches we only see on the magazine back covers and high street shop windows. We decided by this time that we are reading about a person who is either a thief or a corrupt president. The next part of the article already achieved its objective. Whatever is written there doesn’t matter to me. I trust the reader, and dont trust the President.)

Para 2 original:
Yet the context is as important as the timing. On Wednesday Putin is due to welcome Iran’s Hassan Rouhani and Turkey Recip Tayyip Erdogan — a noticeably small list of guests that leaves out the US and Europe — to the same Black Sea resort to discuss a political settlement in Syria.
(In para 2 it is giving the context)

Para 3 (i removed some part like para 1):
Here, on Monday, he met with Syria’s Assad, the victor without many spoils.

Para 3 original:
Here, on Monday, he met with Syria’s Assad — a man widely recognized as behind the deaths of thousands of his own citizens, but now, even after five years of savage sectarian warfare, the victor without many spoils.
(So in para 1, after the reader become sure that they are reading about a corrupt president, in the third para we are reading now about the other President! Now, what is special about this president? It is clear, he is killer. He is behind killing of own citizens, he is a savage. No mention about our beloved west who purported the war as a proxy to over through the president and killed and displaced millions. That is another story. So with the para 1 and 3 we are now reading about the two main actors of the article, one is a thief and other is the killer. We now trust the writer, and from our heart despise these two monsters of presidents!)

Monday’s meeting was presumably to explain to Assad what a Russian-brokered political settlement in Syria would look like, and perhaps for Moscow to hear input from Damascus before the real power brokers in this proxy war meet Wednesday to forge a deal.

Still, the dynamics of the hug are clear. Putin looks like 17 years in power have taken their toll, but he is grinning, and not “mired in the quagmire of Syria” as his detractors warned he would be when he entered the war in 2015. It should be captioned as though the war is over, even though days earlier there were reports of phosphorus being used on rebel-aligned civilians in the Damascus suburbs. You can’t see Assad’s face in this photograph, but this is the second time we are aware of that he has left Syria at all since the conflict began in 2011, so you can presume he’s pleased about that, at least.

The Assad regime now controls most of the cities that it practically can, or that remain standing and desirable, despite Assad once expressing ambitions to retake the entire country.

Other northwestern areas are held by Turkish-backed rebels, and in the northeast, US-backed Syrian Kurds control much of the territory.

These Sochi talks are likely to spell out these internal borders. But they will also address Turkey’s ambitions for the awkward northwestern part, where Syria’s tormented and disenfranchised majority — its Sunnis — have a homeland of sorts.

There, Idlib has become a home to many extremists, but also tens of thousands of civilians, some still under bombardment. These talks will presumably lay out how far Ankara is willing to go to enforce a cessation of hostilities between regime-held areas and those parts of the north controlled by rebels. But there are some crucial actors missing from the picture.

Ukraine – Part 9: Winds of Change in the West?

Article below is on Crimea, published in the Norwegian daily Aftenposten. The heading reads in English as: Crimea – Where Assertions meets Claims. I am not very sure about the essence of the translation, if it has more nuances than direct soulless translation! But it seems, it is about the assertions made by the westerners and against those assertions, the claims made by the Russians or Crimean people or vise versa.


The article started like this:
The Crimean conflict is more complex than in our unilateral Western representation. Are we also exposed to propaganda? (so, here it started with a question)

(Then facts on the ground, writer visited Crimea, has spoken to people there and made her own judgments about the events unfolder since the infamous year 2014. She writes….)
This fall I was in the Crimea. I listened to the locals saying about the spring 2014 events and about their reality now. Here are five examples that their version differs from our Western:
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Beacon of Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights is: Libya! Finally!!

News below is from CNN, which is now being termed as ‘fake news’ by some people. How and why have they become ‘fake news’ is an issue of another thread discussion. This news is important, considering the situation of Libya now, after the invasion of this richest country in Africa, after killing its long time leader, and after the country was torn apart by the EU, US and its imperial arm of NATO monsters. This was done by the name of brining peace and democracy in a country ran by an apparent ‘tyrant’ and dictator. While it was under the ‘tyrant’ it became the richest, peaceful and proud country for the Libyans. After it has been invaded by the barbarians from the west, this is what is happening now in current day Libya:


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Agents of Capitalism

Who are they? See the Tweet from Ajamu Baraka.


Who is Ajamu Baraka?

He was the Vice Presidential candidate from the Green Party under Jill Stein.
Why is he saying this? Well, it is after RT is put under the Foreign Agent law in the US. First of its kind in history. And it is happening in a place where the so called ‘freedom of speech’ was invented, later exported, and for this, killed millions of people around the world. Now the preachers are taking back their preaching once it started to hit them back.

Are these bodies the agents of only capitalism?

A Letter from a Prince

The letter below is from a prince, who happened to be from the same place which were phenomenal, in their heydays of empire, in establishing Israel under the Balfour declaration exactly a hundred years ago.

There are many reactions going on this. Most of the reactions are about the Jewish lobby, in which I am not interested. I am more interested, in this letter, about the issue on how do ‘we’ and ‘they’ understand each other, or not. Continue reading “A Letter from a Prince”

Russia in the 90’s: How the Naives Were Deceived

Jeffrey Sachs was the head or part (in times) of the infamous gang of the Harvard boys. It was constituted by the US to develop liberal economic system, aka crony capitalism in the former communist countries. What had happened by these white collar gangsters is well known, though nicely put under the carpet by the liberal Lügenpresse. Never will you see the unprecedented looting and plundering of the east European countries in that fateful decade by the neo colonialists, who were there without the guns, but with the created illusions of democracy and freedom, in which the naive new nations fell so terribly that they dont even realize what have they lost. After 25 years, some are now starting to talk about it, but, as it was a country level deceit which made a full nation bankrupt and subservient to the capitalistic system, no one bothers to compare what was it and what is now.

Related image
Bombing of Russian Parliament Building in 1993: How to Bring Democracy 101

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Realization of an American

Blog on ‘what has not made America great’. Part of it is copied below, on his realization of the current happenings.


Fast forward to the present: Today, unfortunately, we have not given up on our interventionist policies—no matter the cost to any particular country. It seems we have continued to send troops and fights battles somewhere for most of my life. The seed of doubt, first sown in my mind after Vietnam, that our goals were not always “altruistic” have now sadly flourished. For example, I have heard horror stories about Bashar Al-Assad in Syria for as long as I remember. We have been told, and I believed, that he is an awful person who sometimes slaughtered his own people. After moving to Russia I had access to reports I did not even know of in America. For example, now that I’m an Orthodox Christian I subscribe to several Orthodox Christian sites that provide various kinds of information and inspiration from this part of the world. Continue reading “Realization of an American”