This is Our Time


The smiling man of the poster is Mr. George Soros. This poster had appeared all over Hungary in recent days. In the poster Soros is beaming with his devilish smile. The text reads (in translation to a commonly used language): ‘Let’s not allow Soros to have the last laugh’ beside his head. The top of the poster says ’99 percent reject illegal immigration.’ Then a statement: the Hungarian government spent an estimated 5.7 billion Forints (€19 million) on the campaign.

Now lets try to understand what is this Campaign about? And why a country like Hungary has to launch a campaign against a single person!? Does it not look like an EU member country’s apparently desperate attempt to save it from ‘something’ happening somewhere else but affecting their own country? Also that it is not able to save it from the onslaught? Why is this thing happening? What went wrong for Hungary?

First, Mr. Soros called for Europe to accept 300,000 refugees, while Prime Minister of Hungary Orbán has rejected the EU migrant policy, wanting to keep Hungary’s borders closed.

After that the European Parliament issued a resolution condemning the country for the “serious deterioration” in the rule of law and fundamental rights (!) in May, Hungary’s foreign minister, Peter Szijjarto, said it was a “new attack on Hungary by George Soros’ network.”

So, now we understand from where Mr. Soros comes from! He has a network and that his network is able to attack a country. And then, most amazing if you protect your country from that attack, according to EU it is “serious deterioration” in the rule of law! Well well well!

Well the story did not end there! Hungarian government apparently passed a bill that would close the Soros-founded Central European University in Budapest. It also approved an anti-foreign NGO law in June. So now we know what are the elements of Mr. Soros’ networks are. One of his many elements of network is the innocent University! And how on earth the dictatorial Hungarian can close an University! Surely is it very “serious deterioration” in the rule of law! No wonder!

Lets go back to the main issue of the poster. Why Hungary is saying ’99 percent reject illegal immigration.’ Because there is a plot to flood Europe with migrant from elsewhere to destabilize the countries in EU and break its social framework with a diminishing sense of security. This is going on for many years in many countries.

Question is why there is a flood of migrant now? What has happened? For that we need to see what happened in Libya, Iraq and Syria. Migrants are coming not from Libya but through Libya. Libya as a country is non existent now and human traffickers have opened a direct route to Europe. It was once the most prosperous country in Africa and now a failed state. Who has done it to Libya? NATO and the networks like Soros. Why? To capture the oil and create a controlled chaos in different spots of the world, to maintain tension and instability and to satisfy the military industrial complex. What was the pretext? That Libyan leader was a despot, tyrant and there was a civil unrest. The similar template used elsewhere since 1953. From where the other migrants coming from? Syria. What was Syria, we don’t need to explain here, considering the civilization of Syria and surrounding areas. What was Iraq and what has happened to them we all know in detail. So with the flood gate to Europe opened through Libya, now the agents of Soros are forcing the countries take the illegal immigrants. Does it not look like that these countries have a become a bunch of vassal who have renounced their Sovereignty when they joined to class of the ‘west’! There were, a lot of fanfare and fire works, when they are ‘allowed’ to join the club! Now we see what is happening to these countries. And what was the objective of all these.

Apparent reactions are like: “The Hungarian regime’s xenophobia and demonization of refugees are anti-European,” “Soros’ actual position on migration is that the international community should provide more support to accept several hundred thousand fully screened refugees through an orderly process of vetting and resettlement.”

We do not go to the reason for migrant crisis. It is an amazing time! We create migrants, through wars, killing millions, then we become the savior of humanity, highlighting ‘western values’ to force others to accept these resultant migrants. There is no one left to ask a simple question: How can you deceive for such a long time? How can you do all these hypocrisy and get away as a Noble Peace Prize winner? Wow!

By the way, irony is, Mr. Soros is an ethnic Hungarian! However, now American but turned Globalist. He became first famous in his earlier attack to countries, through currency manipulation in the late 90s in South East Asia.



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