How the World of Globalists Turned Upside Down!

Was reading this quote from a commentary:

‘By now, most US allies had expected to be settling into the Hillary Clinton era, forging progress based on a shared vision of Western civilization, pursuing familiar multilateral approaches to saving the planet and to globalization.

Instead, they are learning to live with a sometimes capricious American President keen to redefine the West in his own
nationalist image, who goes against the consensus of centrist, multilateral international politics, and who is not afraid to pull at the divisions existing within the European Union.’

By the way, don’t get this wrong! this is not coming from someone in the EU, rather it is coming from the msm of the Uncle Sam! Heaven on Earth!


Globalists are still whining or dreaming on what it would have been the Hillary era! They still can’t stop crying on missing the opportunity on how the world would have turned into paradise if (God forbid, and God eventually have saved all of us!) the Butcher of Libya had taken residence in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW. Dream on!

And, why is this whining and crying? That is for losing their chance to save their shared vision, multilateral (read submission of vassals) approaches..bla bla…bla and then ultimately to ‘globalization’! Instead what they are seeing now is ‘nationalism’ which they despise so much, that President of their own country is now becoming an enemy.

Let’s understand the ‘why’ part now. Why are ‘they’ behaving like this. First, let us be clear on who are ‘they’. These are the globalists, their msms, bankers, world elites, multilateral organizations, all agencies that are working to promote globalism and ultra liberalism. Their doctrine is like this: in this era if we (the average zombies) don’t follow the dictum of globalism we definitely have a mental disease! Well, there are arguments about liberalism itself as a mental disorder, anyway! Lets not go into the world of insanity. Lets be sane and try to talk with some logic.

So, the first point of why is, out of blue the Globalists got a big hit on their head when the Globalist candidate lost the infamous election of November 8 2016. With that election the anti globalist came to the helm of power. Though globalists are in nature a non-entity, but their agenda is put forward by the occupant of the 1600 PA avenue. Hence with the election this agenda forwarding has been halted for some time.

Since they couldn’t stop the new president, they are trying all sorts of back stabbing and sabotaging to minimize the damage, i.e. making the president ineffective in implementing his agenda. For this reason we are seeing the 24 7 propaganda noises in the msm against the new president and all nonsensical issues brought forward e.g. Russia hacking. Apparently, in their insane opposition to their own, they become so senseless even in determining what could actually be good for them. The satanic globalists do not have a country, or nation, they are global, and for that all these agencies work together. Uncle Sam is just another country to be subverted by the Globalists, which, at least from some time is on halt. However, by their continuous barrage of propaganda and exerting of immense power from the so called deep state, the principal anti globalist has been neutered. And that is a part success of the Globalists.

It would be interesting to see how does it go in the future, and who becomes the ultimate victor.



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