The Warmonger

The cover page of November 1 2001 issue of the Economist. The Warmonger, globalist drum beater and man eater in disguise of apparent innocence of Economist! How naive we were, and pity, still are, shame on us!

Image result for Economist cover 1 november 2001 heart rending but necessary war

War is necessary, we know that innocent people will die, kids will die. But they are not our kids, they are not us. So, we need to have the war, for the reason we manufactured here, does not matter, if it is a reason or not, since we decided to go to war, need to justify it with the agents of the war. The Economist, the warmonger party of the globalist, the PR of war, the advertisement agency for the war, the opinion creator for the war, the propaganda arm for the war, were at their best in making the public opinion. Imagine how brutal and gruesome are the globalists are? How evil and despicable are those satanic monsters are?

Most importantly how gullible are we? How brain washed and jombies have we become? How impotent and maimed are we? How worthless spineless protoplasm have we become? How ignorant carnivorous have we become? How easily have we been duped and cheated, and still we are haling these brutal monsters as the paragon of virtue and beacon of hope for the mankind. Off course they are, but they are for themselves, the Globalist Hyenas.

Economist was created by the Anglo imperial elites in the late nineteen hundred. Main purpose of it was to pursue the imperial agenda through out the world, and creating opinion by its propaganda machine. It was then created with the aim of controlling the world oil. Since then spanning over three centuries it has successfully been doing it. Unless a reader is well informed, well read and have enough knowledge of history, the reader will easily be misguided by the propaganda pieces of the Economist. After the second world war, when Anglos had to rescind their imperial dream, they conceived the Anglo-American idea of world hegemony. This was the tool and still is the tool for selling and portraying war as ‘necessary’ means, how barbaric are these people! Well in the 19 hundreds they were fighting for the oil, since then all wars, unprovoked, and unilateral wars are, for the control of oil. And this had been done, in the name of so called ‘freedom’, ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’ as invented over the years to control and subjugate the people and countries around the world. The zombies around the world are still in a high with this duping. Meanwhile The Warmonger and like ones are ingraining the benefit of blood spilling and killing people around the world.


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