Creating Reality – 4: Perceived Truth

Oswald Spengler, in his book The Decline of the West, Vol 2: Perspectives of World History wrote about Truth. He wrote: “What is truth? For the multitude, that which it continually reads and hears.”

Lets see how it works. We are the multitude, i.e. a large number of people at a given time at a given place. Now what do we read and hear? We read the news papers from the six conglomerates which provides ‘news’ to the whole world. We also read the weekly magazines, political e.g. Time, non-political, e.g. National Geographic, fashion, you name it, sports, you name it, and many more. These all we read. We, not all, read the political, non political books. And this has many more branches, which are also political and non political.

What do we hear! Or rather, we should say, what do we hear and see? Correct. We see and hear the main stream media, the all knowing, who has the divine right to let us ‘know’ what is the ‘truth’ around us. These are the medias that barraging twenty four hours with their propaganda on their agenda. Creating the illusion of the current world, with perfect covers, where we don’t even dare to question, when see things that we normally see in movies. We reach at a point, when we start believing movies as real. 

What happens after we read and hear these? Yes, we become like the way we are now. We ‘think’ that we ‘can’ think. We ‘feel’ that we are part of the democratic values, that ’empower’ to feel as a good human being. We ‘believe’ in our good ‘intentions’ that are made up by what we read and hear. These are done by, sometime (though we quickly forget, and never ask questions) with the embedded journalists. We ‘take’ that as new normal. We ‘reason’ that killing is good, for our ‘national security’. We ‘argue’ that we are superior, so we can have the right to ‘decide’ what should happen to others who are not like us. We ‘feel’ joy (like near orgasm) when we see our weapons are dropped in another country (like we think these are dropped on the cities, where we ‘pretend’ people are not there, and even if there, it would bring ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ to those people). We ‘believe’ that these people who are killed, will have their ‘values’ in after life.

This is what happens, when we read and hear, what we read and hear now a days. We become the zombies, incapable of reasoning, and thinking, but feeling ever more powerful that we are the ultimate thinkers with the ultimate truths.

This is how our reality is created, by our reading and seeing. The truth remain somewhere else, crying with its face covered, ashamed.

The conditioning effect of constant repetition with all these as ‘truth’, overtime, we loose our courage and reason to ask or question on anything. By that time, we are ‘confident’ that we ‘know’. So know about the fate of MH17, the alleged Syrian gas attacks, or Russiagate. Because we already have made up our mind, we now ‘feel’ that we ‘know’ what is the ‘truth’!


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