EU Association Agreement – Duping Someone without Drug!

Moldova’s president has said he would like to scrap his country’s EU treaty, and confirmed that he has begun making preparations to join a Russia-led bloc instead. Igor Dodon, who came to power in December, made the announcement at a press conference with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Tuesday (17 January).

“I believe that the agreement has done Moldova no good,” Dodon said, referring to an EU free-trade and political association treaty concluded in 2014. “We have lost the Russian market and, strangely enough, our exports to the EU have also fallen. In other words, we have received nothing from signing the agreement.”

So, Moldova has come to its senses after the hang over of EU agreement and the that drug induced euphoria is over. Exactly same is happening in Ukraine now. Moldova is honest or have the balls, i should say to confess its misdoings and misjudgments. That EU association agreement is not a panacea. It is the neo-colonialism of 21st century. To grab the ill prepared and impoverished market for the EU (read German multinationals looking for expansion) and the to loot the resources, urgently required by the EU. It is like an infusion of new blood to a very rich very old man, who has everything but the blood to circulate in its system. EU is now becoming that Dracula!

I was talking to some friends in Hungary on the same issue. They are part of EU, rather for a long time. And now they realized that they have lost their base of economy, industry to its Western masters, rather happily I guess. Now they become a service industry, loosing manufacturing. Well, very good, but what services they offer, you name it, the bachelor party capital of Europe now in Budapest. Sure they are good service provider! No wonder, EU Association is so coveted all over!

Now, as I mentioned, same has happened to Ukraine. But unlike Moldova, Ukraine have lost the pair of Balls it had before 2014 coup. It is now an impotent mass of fertile land and vast resources waiting to be looted and plundered by the Dracula. And they are still under the influence of the EU Association drug which takes some years to clear out the mind and senses.


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