Following the Same Template!

Well they are following the same template what they followed in 2003 with the test tube that was famously shown at the UN. Earlier, Bolivian ambassador (imagine Bolivia, not someone from the community of the values, had to just say the truth, nothing more! my my!). Anyway, we know them, now, after being cheated for 500, 400 or 200 years considering where you are living in the world. But funny thing is, no one is saying anything about this cheating or deceit! Wonder why! Well they are all part of it. Who is supposed to say about it are the wmsms, and they are part of the whole game of this deceit. Now, I used to be open minded about the media and the holy grail of keeping it free. But remember, it is free, till the point it covers their narrative, to the last comma. How the public is deceived is mentioned by Maria from Russian Foreign ministry:


So, it will be blocked. Now, we are what we see and hear from the tv. If it is blocked then we are hearing only one side of the narrative. And that is how it is created. That is the template of our time to follow. One more take here is, by the block mentioned above, it is also applicable to Russia. So, first they block about Russia itself to the public. And public think about Russia the way it is portrayed in their media, guess what, as a mega threat to the civilization or values! So whatever is coming from the east is not true, but what you are hearing from us is the ultimate truth, or the reality. Remember, this is what we are talking about, the reality or created reality. Not the truth anymore! So it will all depend on who can create the reality based on the tools and have the sheep that it has to continue the deceit. Maria explained it in her press briefing as well.


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