Ukraine – Part 7: Root Cause Analysis

Why the Maidan happended? Who were behind it? These are all part of a chilling plan of the ever increasing empire. By deceiving mass people with the notion of freedom, EU, modernization they were planning to take control of the Russian Black Sea fleet in Crimea. And eventually through Russia out of Crimea. To make this happen all those other things, like, EU association agreement, NATO membership were planned. These were all on course, to happen at the right time. And to pick cherry! Wow! What a genius! But who are they, where are they? From where they run all these! All the puppets around are the like show mans, reading their teleprompters and glorifying the freedom and human rights and killing millions around the world for more freedom and democracy! Wow! What a time. Below is a comment posted in another blog on the real agenda on Ukraine. On why they wanted the Black sea fleet and Crimea:

US Control over Crimea was only the first objective of coup in Kiev. Three other important objectives of the Anglo American Zionist clique were:
(a) controlling as much (Ukrainian fertile) arable land as possible
(b) destroying the military machinery industry (of Ukraine) which had good business relations with Russian MIC
(c) getting a ‘market’ (in Ukraine) of 40 million peoples.

The invaders will fail in all respect – eventually the artificial structure of Ukraine will crumble.

But even more powerful is the invisible, or nearly invisible, part of the fleet. It is the Center of space mission control, which has existed since Soviet times. Its written history lists the ships ‘Salut’, ‘Soyuz’, ‘Apollo-Soyuz’ and ‘Lunokhod’. Today the Space center receives data from missile-radar systems such as the Voronezh-M (within 6 thousand km), established in Lekhtusi in the Leningrad region, in the city of Pionersky of the Kaliningrad region and in the city of Armavir. The centre receives information from satellites’ early warning alarm KMO/K, capable of detecting the launch of missiles of any type — cruise or ballistic. Disruption of the functioning of the center (a serious obstacle to US hegemony and expansion towards Central Asia) or complete withdrawal due to its failure is one of the main goals of the Pentagon.


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