Beyond Ignorant!

Was reading a post from a blog of a respected Professor who is an expert on Russia. Not the wmsm experts we are used to see on an hourly basis on our magic boxes. A real intellectual with long history of engagement with Soviet Union and then Russia. Lived in Soviet Union and Russia. Knows the people of Russia, language and culture. Amazingly he is not an ethnic Russian. Rather a Canadian! But it is very refreshing to read his blog on the duplicity of the current western narrative on Russia. From the media to the politicians to their tools like the alphabet agencies. He is relentless in revealing their true face.

I sometimes try to guess what is it that is going on their mind! I mean where is the problem. Is that they don’t know? Or they know everything but they don’t expose that they know, and appear stupid? Or is it some else, which I can’t figure out what. After reading the latest posting of the professor, I am getting near to the mystery.


Like post truth, there is something called beyond ignorant. Surely I was not aware of this! There you are!


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