Readers’s Comment: ‘Party Line’

Was going through a comment (copied and pasted below) made by reader of another blog: irrussianality. Often I find readers’ comments are gem of a piece, as sometimes they portray what I had been thinking for a long time. Couldn’t crystallize the idea though, what is my thinking actually and how to narrate it, as some readers could often do. May be it is due to fact that English is not my first language. Anyway, comment below is on some ‘scholar’ who wrote something on Russia! As it seems there is a ‘party line’ to follow in the west on whatever Russian. You have to  play within the ‘party line’ to be accepted as part of the top domain who call the shots. In that way comment below nicely reveals the fun of it!

On another note: last night, saw a news about wrong anthem played in a Ski competition for the winning Russian team somewhere in Europe, perhaps western! They said mistakes happen, well, sure they happen, but often that happens to the western parts than of the east? Am I being to fussy on silly issues! Forget it, I find it all as part of their Schadenfreude nature. Deep inside its a very mean and cheap mentality and culture.


The fact that in order to be considered a “respected scholar” ™ in the Free West one has to constantly (and absolutely unnecessary) pepper one’s work with obligatory statements denouncing “Putin’s Regime”, “Russian aggression” etc – even if one IS a Russian national himself – in order to be ranked among the “hanshakables” is a sad one. If the aim of the scientific community is the discovery of the Truth (whatever it is), then all these rites and magical formulas had to go. Doesn’t matter who is writing a thing if the data it is based upon is objectively true and the conclusions are not insane. If you are ready to dismiss someone based on authors political views only (or only by the fact that the author has the temerity to be a patriot) then YOU are the problem.

In the same vien like during the Middle Ages one had to constantly refer to the Bible and the writings of the Church Fathers in order to be considered “acceptable”. Or how one in the USSR had to do basically the same, only referencing the classics of Marxism-Leninism.

And these people claim to be “intellectual elite”? Pathetic. Simply pathetic.



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