Agenda of the Liberal MSM: How Russia Can Learn

A picture taken from the racks of the magazine corner of a convenient store in Northern Europe. See the main magazine covers that are working for the liberal agenda over the last how many years I don’t know. If someone follows these media outlets over the years, can now feel that their tone is now little bit subdued. I am following for at least 25 years. As if they don’t know what to do in this moment of time. From arrogant triumph to hyperbole to propaganda, these outlets become the true bullhorn of the ‘community of values’. You can link it to the events of the late Soviet Union. They had not left anything to bulldoze those agenda to the world. Surely, now we know what are those. That they spread the values that condones the killing of millions over the decades. They justify it, with the name of those values. Now they are on all out attack, as they are facing the existential threat.


One may wonder, what are these outlets are really up to! Well I have no idea. May be its the deep state that are under threat, from the current happenings, and their pseudo ‘intellectual’ arm that glorifies and humanize the monstrosity of their acts  are trying to create the opinion on the zombies that are busy planning their next vacation and brand of car they would like to buy.

Russia has become successful in creating the alternate views in the tele and internet world. Their English language channels are touted as propaganda, while they are actually doing the same, as their western counterparts. However, this is where Russia is falling behind again. When the western MSM are called as propaganda, their other ‘forms’ come out for their rescue. These forms can be of many types. Here, print English outlets that are covering the world, is the sole player at this moment. The above picture tells it all. Russia is lacking far behind in this case. When the MSM are creating the alternate reality on the couch of the every household, with the LED screens, these print outlets, solidifies it with their ‘credible’ and ‘only available’ narrative. They work in tandem to support each others agenda. They go to each others platform and in unison repeat the central idea, to completely send the reality in oblivion. Well, they have become the icon of success in this over the years, no doubt. They are the best. One can see the silence in the west, on the killings of the millions and the overall agreement on that these killings were necessary. This is where they become successful, in creating the opinion on whatever the deep state is doing is right and for the survival of the values, blah blah and blah, you add as you like.

In this very moment, when Russian tele world is under threat from the so called community of values, as they are enacting laws on how to counter that, again, they will be successful in that too. Just like their success in killings. To create the opinion on their agenda, they will use all apparatus. To counter this Russia also needs to builds its ‘credible’ and ‘only available’ ‘narrative’ in print media. Well they have it in Russia in Russian. But they are not able to counter that with the gargantuan Anglo-Saxon media monolith. World does speak English, not Russian, and that is the first advantage of the Anglo world. Until the shop racks are filled with the Russian version of the ‘narrative’ they will be losing the war on propaganda, as they don’t have any one, like the west has, to ‘glorify’ their agenda.


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