Why? And Why not!

Bilderesultat for clinton campaign after losing election
Two comments from two different readers on the ‘big shock’ for some people who are from some parts of current world, voter or non-voter (but seemed concerned). There will be myriad of analysis on this topic in the coming days, for sure, of which some will be to the point, some will be, no doubt, completely out of point (from the wmsms and their followers mostly, I guess). Comment below is something more towards the point, people commenting after reading about the shock! However, after that there is the reality, the situation where repudiations are coming. Interesting time how radical we are in our views!
An interesting article. However, the following needs to be added as to why Hillary lost:(1)  Hillary was the choice of the elite, led by the banksters and corporate presidents. Most people understood this, and didn’t like it one bit;
(2) Their whole approach in the electoral process was highly simplistic, with Hillary and the elite thinking that the election would be a formality, using a biased media and fake polls to convince people that Hillary would indeed win. It didn’t work out that way;
(3) Both the elite and Hillary were out of touch with reality, not grasping the fact that so many people were either out of work or else receiving low wages, which was bitterly resented;
(4) How many wars has America fought after 1945 ?  Why were they fought at all ? Who fought them ? They were fought by poor kids, while the rich ones stayed home and enjoyed life, another fact that was resented;
(5) The elite decided to play it clever by putting Hillary forward as the first woman presidential candidate, hoping that a mass of women in the US would vote for her. The idea was good, the choice was poor, as the elite forgot the old rule that only a woman can see through another woman, and many women did indeed see through Hillary, not liking one bit what they saw;
(6) The stupid accusations against Trump that he was under the “control” of Putin was the height of stupidity, as few were fooled by such childish accusations;
(7) Lastly, Bill Clintons adventures with women and Hillary’s health problems were overlooked. The moment it became apparent that Hillary was medically unwell, the Democratic Party should have replaced her with somebody else. All these factors contributed to Hillary’s defeat, which was even greater than officially presented, as a heap of Trump’s votes were switched to Hillary. Lastly, I sincerely hope that Hillary and the elite won’t do anything stupid and use Soros for a “color revolution” in the US, as that would be insanity.


  • Green Ducky

    For some reasons most of my friends don’t understand that. They refuse to see it like that. They feel like it was their only chance to get a woman as president that means more than anything else. That and the opposition to Donald Trump whom they only see as sexist and racist. I ask them about things they know about Hillary and her politics and they begin to avoid subjects refusing to talk about it. They have no knowledge what she have done or what she haven’t done it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the trigger points she is a woman and didn’t get elected as president when they had set their mind up for a woman.

    I have as I write this lost friends because of it, because they see me supporting Trump and he is a sexist racist person that just want to destroy all races and stuff. And now they have just stuffed me into the same box. And I am not even an American. I never said I support Trump directly but I understand lot of his points. It is a real shame for democracy that social justice warriors fill every void and gap there is with their tunnel visions.

    These two views, I guess, summarizes the current polarization of opinion on the events.

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