A Time When Hypocrisy is the Most Valued Trait. This!

Gone are the days of cold war, when Nikita Khrushchev was at the UN General Assembly and his shoes were in his hand, smashing the podium. Also gone are the days of the nationalistic leaders from all over the world. These are the days, when leaders are created, decided from somewhere up there, bought, and programmed to serve their masters, not their country. Relations are of puppets and the puppeteers. You look at any country in the world, where the leaders are not bought, who are not the puppets, who are not beating the same drum, of the chorus. This chorus were made and written from some where else, and then spread throughout the world with their msms. Non-puppets are demonized, brutally, constantly. You can see the same demonic propaganda against those leaders.

By a long distance, what Mr. Duterte said here, will remain as a historic speech, though given at a press conference on the current world affairs, with some glimpses of history as well. At the same time there are some history revisited, particularly how we were taught on to know, and to memorize those history as to who were the saint and who were the devil.

Out of no where Philippines got a President, and the country and its citizen are now with  a very high head. Sovereignty is this. Hats off.


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