What’s Really Going On? Seriously!

There is a huge uproar in the blog sphere this week about some publication from the bastion of civilization and hallmark land of free speech. Though once the ‘sun never sat’ in the evenings of their imperial hallucination. Those were the days! When the days were over, the Lion became the Puddle. Then the Puddle became the unnecessary noise maker, of the and for the ‘five eyes’. Now these are the days. And these days it is the last straw that they are holding to save themselves. Despite the exit with a Br it seems the hallucination is still not over.

The cover pages of three magazines published last week. No explanation required though.



Question is: why? I mean why is it like this? Why so worried? What has changed recently that they become so nervous! Well some says it is ‘normal’ for them. So business as usual to continue the tirade against Putin. Or are they loosing something, or already lost?

Recently I wrote about being ‘low’ in world affairs. This looks like a competition among themselves as to who can go to the bottom! Saw Germany, then France and now the UK.


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