Moment of Reckoning

Don’t look at the person talking. Don’t think about who is the guy. Don’t judge the person based on your information inflow from the sources you may have. Don’t think that you are a voter. Listen. And listen without any prejudice. If you like the words, if you can take the words, listen more, without any prejudice again. Many things here are said, which, in a much dwarfed way were said before by others. Unfortunately they were not there long after saying these type of words.

Once you have listened. Think. Don’t think about any election, any slander that was thrown, don’t think about winning or losing election. Just think about the substance of the speech. Think about the core of the matter. Can you think of it? Without any prejudice. Can you think freely without linking the person and the content?
If you can think, the way of thinking, now the next. Relate. Widen your horizon. Get out of the mind that was made by the HD screens of your living rooms, while sitting there for hundreds of lazy hours. Drinking coffee may be. Again make yourself free. Close your eyes and relate what has been said. Can you relate? How do you feel now? Do you feel empowered? Don’t you feel that you have missed something in all those years while you were struggling for survival and took everything for granted as it was said in your HD screens? Can you relate? This is the moment of reckoning.


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