Coming to your senses: How long should it take?

Think about this: the slave trade of the west, the suppression and oppression of the black people by the European descent people was going on the hundreds of years. When this was going on, it was done with the full agreement of all, with all conscience and conscientiousness. How long it took for them to come to realization that they were wrong? About a hundred years. It is about in the 1950s, things started to get the real clarity on what was done, why and how to rectify.

Think also about the obliteration of the indigenous people in the new world, when people from the European descent went there, how brutally they were wiped out from the world. Well how long it took for them to recognize it? I guess, the fight is still going on. So it is about five hundred years old phenomenon, much older than the slave trade  but much slower to be recognized by the ‘civilized’ part of the world.

Think about what is going on in this century. Think about what is going on now. Who are the victims. Who are the oppressors? Where are they coming from? Look at the fight going on all over the world. See who are the countries where all the fights are happening. Do you see a trend? Why is it happening this way? Can you relate it to the previous plunder and brutality of the west?

Like the previous ones, question is: when will they come to realize all these? in 2150? Ever?


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