Russia in the 90’s-2: The ‘Harvard Boys’

There were, are and there will be myriad of research on what had heppened in the 90s in Russia by the name of economic liberalization. Who were responsible, why had it happened in that way, who brought Russia on the brink of oblivion? All these and many more questions remain in minds of the millions of Russians who paid the price with their blood and sweat. Many millions of Russians perished in those years, which Sergey Glazyev famously called a Genocide.

Things come out rarely in the English western media on the responsibilities of the west in the plunder of Russia. Below is a link where it portrays the so called ‘Harvard boys’! So cute name! Yet so demonic the acts. On what they did in Russia in those days.

On a side note, in the early 2000s, when I was for a brief period in Japan, had the opportunity to listen to some University Professors (read like ‘so and so university Boys’!) who were involved in the liberalization process in Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other central Asian countries. These professors did not become as famous as the Harvard boys, because they didnt work in Russia but in less glamorous countries. Yet, their way of work, method of destroying the country within, plundering the resources were the same. In one occasion one professor was bragging about the shock doctrine, and how it collapsed the country in full and how the living standard fell. How millions perished, like Russia. Yet we were told that these were professors of liberal heaven who were there to bring them there. So sickening was their claim about the unfortunate state of the country, because of their experiment, which failed miserably, yet boasting their glee and uncouthness. At that moment I was thinking of asking them why were you not tried in court to destroy these countries, and that why do you have the guts to say this, brag this in front of us. Do you not have any shame, any conscience? Do you not have any soul? Are you not a human being who weep in seeing others suffer?

I wait for the day when these ‘boys’ will be tried along with their masters and perpetrators who brought these completely out of msms genocide in many post soviet countries in those years. These countries are still suffering from those apocalyptic years.


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