Crocodiles Tear! Wow!


Wow! What a turn around of the CNN! Suddenly becoming so caring! Where were they in 2003? When all these mayhem have started. They were beating the drums loudest. That was the beginning of creating living hell in the world. Never saw their caring in the last 14 years. Wonder what happened that suddenly they become so ‘good guy’, after killing millions in middle east in the last 14 years. Never saw caring from their own ‘liberation’, ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ project when millions were killed. Like they cared a lot! Wow! Really felt like throwing out. This is sickening. Journalism at the lowest. If there is any scintilla of journalism left. Looks like this has started with this picture only. Looks like there were nothing since 2003! Nothing has happened! Completely forgotten! Now showing how caring they are! Oh my my.


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