World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has proved that it is another tool organization for the west. World could be replaced by west, name will remain same. They are now condemning the hacking, but silent on the findings of the hacking on the gold winning athletes of the Rio Olympic. Remember, Russian whole athletics team were banned for alleged doping.

They are even trying to justify the use of banned substances by the western athletes as legal and authorized! Ohh my my! If we do it, it is legal, if you do it is doping. We understand now. Thank you.

So, due to this ‘illegal’ hacking some (ugly) truths are coming out. Which we didn’t know. We were never told. Will never be told as well. Question is how many truths are there hidden under the carpet! Remember Lance Armstrong! The heroic admission in the Oprah show! But how many are there then? When will they come out? Who do we believe then? Who is fun then? WADA? Disney?


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