Finally! Some Sane Words Coming Out!

German politician Gregor Gysi made an interview with the news paper Die Welt. The link of the interview:

In so far absent from the main stream media, the narrative is refreshing an surprising too! What he said is the thinking of many, however it is not surfaced in the msms, or systematically suppressed to create a different reality altogether. So far successfully. Here are some of the key quotes.

He mentioned that a system of security can’t be introduced “without or against Russia” as there would be neither peace nor security in Europe.

  • Europe and the US have committed serious mistakes in their relationship with Russia, repeatedly disregarding its interests. As an example, he recalled the West’s attack on Yugoslavia and the intervention into Iraq.
  • “When the West attacked Serbia without the resolution of the UN Security Council, Moscow drew its conclusions: if you violate the law, then it no longer applies to us,” he told the newspaper.
  • Another example is the deployment of missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic. “Imagine that Russia deployed its missiles in Mexico under the pretext that it is defending itself from Colombia. Would the Americans have believed it?” he wondered.
  • The politician explained that it all dates back to when George W. Bush advocated Ukraine’s accession in NATO. That would have meant that Russia’s Black Sea Fleet would have been stationed in the NATO zone, and President Putin’s response was reunification with the Peninsula.
  • The politician reiterated that the EU could have resorted to other measures, such as certain diplomatic steps, adding that after unlawful annexation of Kosovo Russia hadn’t introduced any anti-Western sanctions.
  • Commenting on the developments in Syria, the politician said that Barack Obama’s major mistake was to tell Putin that Russia is a “regional power.” He explained that President Putin is the type of person “who fights like a tiger,” and it is plain wrong to say something like this to this type of person.
  • In addition, in his point of view, “there is no chemistry between Putin and Obama.” As a result, “Putin showed the Americans in Syria that Russia is a world power.”



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