When the ‘desire to understand’ is a dirty word.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier statement published in the website Vorwärts: stressed the necessity to cooperate with Russia and ignore those who are trying to humiliate the so called “Russia-understanders” and present them in a negative way.

“It is our duty to maintain conversation in order not to only minimize the risk of military misunderstandings, but, even more, to facilitate the process of trust building,” Steinmeier wrote. “Where do we get in foreign policy when the desire to understand is being labelled as a dirty word?”


So, now as it is coming from the horses mouth! On what is the spread and depth of the bulldozing propaganda against Russia that is incessantly done from the west. As it was going for quite sometime, it is not only against Russia, but also, it is against the people in the west who realizes the feeling of Russian side on the whole saga. Even this is a stigma in the west! German Foreign Minister is not free from this, what will happen to a regular John, or Ivan on the street!


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