Rio 2016: WMSMs Brouhaha on Russia!

Here are some of facts first, before the games started:
1. Participant numbers per country. USA 555 ; China 416 ; UK 366 ; Germany 422 ; France 396; and Russia 279.
2. The entire Russian track and field team (120 members) had been banned to compete in Rio, hence the truncated team, members even less than UK! 
3. Every single Russian athlete previously eligible to compete in Rio would have had the nerve wracking worry right up to the moment of the start of the Games that they might be individually banned from competing in Rio because of the earlier report of WADA.

Some facts on the medal table after the games completed:

If you follow the wmsms lately, you can listen to their ‘schadenfreude’ moments all the time, with pure sarcasms, on Russia in their tone too! Real enjoyment for the ‘west’ with the truncated team’s performance, as they have gone up of the ladder.

Look at the final medal table given a German daily below!

So, we now know that English numbers count like 1 2 3 5 6….!!

What is the moral of the story? Look at who are the 3 of the top 5 there in the list. Look how they have worked together before the games start to downplay Russian team. Moral of the story also is, that, the ‘west’ has all the tools. Just like their financial tools, e.g. banks, they have ‘games’ tools too. If you have read the stories just before the games started you know these tools as well. They control those, and when needed they let the tools loose to tame those who are going far, hence keeping them in the race and to continue the brouhaha. For story applied to Russia with these tools, just remember Lance Armstrong!


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