How the WMSM Works: Under-rate, under-inform.

Amazing! If you look at any country’s media in the western world, eastern world, oriental world, African world, this is the phenomenon. Everywhere. Sometimes I wonder how is it in such unison always! Well that German journalist has said it all, if you remember.

The guy in the video described exactly how the media works here in (put any country), only negative stuff about Russia or direct lies are published. Everything that happens is “Putin’s fault”, directly! Check your news papers, news media, online portals, all are saying the same things, day in day out, with all nice and flashy design and people. If you have time to think, after reading or listening something in your media, if you have the time to at least ask a question to yourself, why are they saying this, and how true it is? You will find it.

Well, I used to believe that this is the sad part of the story, that about 95% of the population believe the propaganda barrage, without thinking twice. We dont have time for that, we have more important things to do, in life, than checking whether they are listening to lies or truth.


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