From the 1% to 0.001%

Excerpt from the book “Super Class” by David Rothkopf – outlining how the worlds super class, the .001%, use their vast wealth, their power, and their owned/controlled media, to influence politics and elections:

Billionaire George Soros, along with Russian oligarchs such as Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Anatoly Chubais, and others feared a Communist resurgence in Russia while witnessing Zyuganov present himself as a kinder, gentler Communist while attending the World Economic Forum at Davos in 1996.

Chubais recalled, stating “I saw many of my good friends, presidents of major American companies, European companies, who were simply dancing around Zyuganov, trying to catch his eye, peering at him. These were the world’s most powerful businessmen, with world famous names, who with their entire appearance demonstrated that they were seeking support of the future president of Russia, because it was clear to everyone that Zyuganov was going to be the future president of Russia, and now they needed to build a relationship with him. So, this shook me up!”

The oligarchs set aside their differences and held several private meetings in Davos hotel rooms, where they strategized over how to defeat the perceived Zyuganov threat. The result was the “Davos pact”, an agreement between Chubais and the oligarchs that he would lead an anti-Communist campaign against Zuyganov, that they agreed to fund. The subsequent months saw a massive media offensive as “money poured into advertising campaigns, into regional tours, into bribing journalists”, all supported by the oligarchs whom owned the major media. Yeltsin’s subsequent victory in that election can be traced back to the events that took place in Davos between Chubais and those Russian oligarchs.

The .001% seek to control everything you/we hear, read, listen to, buy, how you/we think, whom you/we support in elections, laws, regulations, and all other aspects of life.

(Originally taken from a comment of a reader, Sam Fetters)

About 1996 election in Russia, where Yeltsin was elected finally, I still remember the msms euphoria after his win. I was in my early twenties, did not have any clue how the world runs at that time. Looking back I wonder how naive we were! However, after many years, in Moscow, in a ride from my hotel to the airport, I was talking to my Russian friend. By that time world has changed from its 90s dream days. Russia has changed, Ukraine issue has emerged, sanctions are the norms. In the grid lock of Moscow traffic I asked my friend about the election, wondering why the Russians elected Yeltsin for the second term? Her answer was quite revealing, well, I never thought about it, just as it is mentioned above, we are the way we think, and the way we think are the way we are told to think, the way we read and listen to. Her answer was: No body bothered to vote on that day. They made the result for Yeltsin! Wondered, who are this ‘they’! Now, getting some clue on that too!


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