The Bull in a China Shop

Our current world is seeing this bull! It is there, omnipotent, omnipresent, omnivorous! ‘China shops’ around the world are being ‘liberated’ by the bull, one after another! With ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and death. Alas, people of these ‘china shops’ are can’t enjoy their freedom and democracy as they can’t continue to live and enjoy the heavenly time in the earth. They die in their hundreds of thousands. Or may be they are enjoying it now, after escaping the hell on earth, god rather saved them from it. The bull is creating the hell on earth, rather in parts of the world.

We don’t know who’s shop is going to be the next. But may be it is not far from now, another poor shop owner will be uprooted, hell will fall on it and rest will follow….

We ‘love’ our bull! We are ‘poodles’!


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