Olympics: Another Front Against Russia!

Excerpt from write up of Paul Craig Roberts, once Assistant Secretary of State:

“…the real point of Washington’s campaign against Russia. The “doping scandal” is part of Washington’s ongoing effort to isolate Russia and to build opposition to Putin inside Russia.

There is a minority known as “Atlanticist Integrationists” inside the Russian government and in the business sector that believes that it is more important for Russia to be integrated into the West than to be sovereign. This minority of Russians is willing to trade off Russian independence for Western acceptance. Essentially they are traitors whom Putin tolerates.

With the ban on Russia’s participation in the Olympics, Washington is attempting to strengthen this opposition to Putin. Now the opposition can say: “Putin’s intransigence has kept Russia out of the Olympics. Putin has isolated Russia. We must cooperate (a euphemism for giving in) with the West or become an outcast.”

This is Washington’s game. The Olympic ban is directed at undermining Putin among Russians. “He kept us out of the Olympics!”

“Perhaps Russia and China should organize the Eurasian Olympics and leave the Western Olympics.”

May God give Russia, its leadership and its people the power and strength to withstand in this time of insanity and utter monstrosity. People of the world who are fighting for true freedom (not the ‘one’ that is being exported by the ’empire’ to the countries and millions get killed with the freedom, examples and consequences are in the daily news papers) need to stick together in this period of history. This is an immense moment, when, many things are happening but no one is noticing. Rather no one is not able to notice, as it is not mentioned anywhere. Reality is created according to the convenience. Empire and its puppets are in complete sync with the drum beating, with their propaganda, calling white as black and black as white. We believe that, as reality.


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