How to Become a ‘Secretary General’ of an Organization!

Norway, which is usually reserved and judicious, rushed into the skirmish of Libya intervention headfirst, as the then-Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg gave his government no time to reconsider. Over the course of four months in 2011, Norway dropped 567 bombs on Libya. During the operation’s initial phase, 17 percent of NATO’s bombs were dropped by Norway. Later, Norway received much praise for its perhaps disproportionate contribution from US. But it just didn’t end at praise!

Norway’s valor over Libya’s ruins will hardly go down in history as a shining moment of Stoltenberg’s political career. After Libyan leader Gaddafi was hunted down and slain, the hostilities went beyond all reasonable interpretations of the UN mandate. Libya collapsed, ceasing to function as a state after all the foreign “liberators” went home. Now we are seeing the flood of refugees crossing the sea through the ill fated country. Intervention was led by France who secured its oil future with Libyan oil. What was it for Norway then! Last thing they need is oil.

In the aftermath of the Chilkot report on the UK invasion of Iraq on false pretext, people in other countries are coming of their senses as well! People are now asking questions which apparently they were afraid to ask, so far, or kept those at bay as friendly silence. When people can see the root cause of all the problems on extremism, refugees, wars and attacks. As it was also the case of Norway’s participation in bombing of Libya. People seemed oblivious, up until now.

But things have changed.

Thorbjørn Jagland said that there should be a Norwegian state inquiry on Stoltenberg’s decision to join in the bombing campaign in Libya. Historically, Thorbjørn Jagland and Jens Stoltenberg, both former prime ministers, fought a bitter power struggle in the early 2000s. Today, it may look like a rematch, albeit this time in the European arena, between the Secretaries-General of the Council of Europe and NATO.


When Stoltenberg became the Secretary General of NATO, I was at a loss. What was the reason behind that appointment? Was that an award for participating in the bombing campaign? Which actually cost his political career. Looks like so. Even more interesting, this formula for appointment was applied earlier as well. For the post of this secretary general, someone in Denmark is also shining! That of Mr. Fogh Rasmussen who is the former PM in Denmark got Denmark to joining USA led invasion in that Iraq disaster. And then he became the Secretary General to NATO prior to Stoltenberg!

So this is how it is done then! Your CV has to have be very specific achievements! See where is Mr. Fogh is now? No wonder he is advising the pro-western Kiev regime that came to power through an illegal over through of a democratically elected government! Irony is these countries preach to the world for democratic value as well. Forget that, so, will their be an inquiry on this for these peoples acts!


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