Chilcot Report-Looking back

Finally the famous report on the infamous event came out this week. Did it say something new? Except the satanic statement that includes ‘whatever’. Which was eight months before the start of the carnage.

Now, lets look back when people with conscience spoke out against all these. But we didn’t like those people then, not sure if we like them now too. These two comments below from Harold Pinter and Clare Short summarizes everything, literally, what has happened since the start of the war. Most importantly, what is happening now. And, why?


There are millions out there who feel the same. To them, to Harold Pinter and Clare Short, to all the unknowns who tried, their best, against the tide, of barrage of hyperbole, but couldn’t stop the savagery, in the name of ‘democracy!’, it is their time now. You will be remembered and revered forever.


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