When You Create the ‘Reality’

Actually I couldn’t find an answer for the topic. On how to create the reality. Was reading another article (enlightening to the minimum and will post it too later) and found a comment of a reader. Well, I think I hit the core of it! But will look for more. By more, I don’t mean what the three alphabet agency once said about the reality, but I look for more philosophical application to create the reality and how. Below is a good start for that anyway:


” the west that lost all bearings.”

Well, that’s his opinion. Our opinion is that our (west?) identity is situated not in our hearts or brains but between our legs (??). The author may think that represents a descent in consciousness, but we’re democratic and we know that reality is not objective, it’s whatever the majority of people agree that it is, and our consensus opinion is that down is really up.

We’ve instilled these principles (of reality creation?) in our educational system and the main thing is, we always feel good about what the majority of us agree on (so, it is the value?). And we can create consensus reality in a lot of other places too. Like in Western Ukraine. So there!

The main problem I have with Russian visitors to the US is that they see many of the superficial results of a formerly productive country (more 6-10 lane highways in Los Angeles County than all of Russia) and find the rate of rot and decline hard to perceive, despite my insisting that such is the case. Although after a few days of jaw dropping astonishment, one retired engineer did wonder at the fact that he hadn’t seen any factories yet. External (and internal) financial looting. Like Britain. A scourge called “freedom” (or in fact it is capitalism?).

Parenthesis comments are mine.


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