How the ‘West’ Works-1: Dominance

The western world is dominating the rest of the world for last five centuries. This dominance has many facets, ups and downs, but it is still maintained. The tools and methods changes since the fifteenth century. From conquering the world, with the inventions for guns, to civil societies of today, all these unique things (of their time) are used for this continued domination. This is not something discussed openly anywhere, at least I have not seen such a discussion, may be it is discussed in academics or similar arena, I am still searching.

This episode, like the Ukraine episode is to analyse the topic step by step, understand in detail. Ironically, Ukraine (and to that extent many world events) and this is quite interlinked, we can find some logic in Ukraine events if we understand this clearly. This will solve many unknown issues or unsolved issues of the past.

We keep our discussion on a theme of how they dominate a country. For the explanation of dominance, in that country as an example, how it works. First we will try to find what are the tools and methods, then will see how these are used for a country or countries, by one ‘western’ country or many countries and how they work in unison all the time. This is really amazing!

First thoughts on all possible elements involved in the process are listed:

Think tanks: Generally in all western countries (predominantly in one country) these are named similarly. In the vassal states of western Europe, they have junior member institutes or country branches which are named after the country. Generally these are named as: Center for (add word) ; (add word) Policy Institute; (Add word) Enterprise Institute; (word) Research Center; Institute for (add word); Council on (word) (word): also Center for (add word) Policy etc.
Foundations: Named as: (word) (word) Foundation; Sometimes include Policy together.
Universities for research: All famous Universities and their public policy departments, different relevant functions.
Science-Technology: These are the research institutes of the universities for innovaion
Alphabet agencies: The intelligence agencies
Regular government agencies: Normal governance institutions for a government apparatus. In this case embassy, foreign ministry etc.
Human rights agencies: International agencies and their country branches.
Financial institutes: Agencies covering all e.g. bank, stocks farms, exchanges
Financial technology: Hedge fund, cds, debt related tools, loans, investment banks, rating agencies, media related to financial tools
Internation business treaties: Often used to control the countries to set the rules of the game, and to have power to set the rules.
Award agency: ‘Western’ countries’ ‘pat each other’ award agencies like the Noble, Pulitzer
Breton Woods Agencies: WB, IMF, BIS, UN
Media: You name it!
Internet and information technology:
Political engineering/Technology: Color coded revolutions, (word) Springs, Regime change, Pro democracy movement, Human rights
University education for non-westerners: Transferring ideology at a mass level, business, economic theories, capitalism, neo-liberalisms, creating a unique group, highlighting them in the country as elite who are alma mater of e.g. (add word) University. 
Christianity: This includes the values, or no-values, e.g. state sponsored promotion of gay rights, atheism, areligious glorification, diminshing family values
Democratic propaganda
Race: Conceptual superiority of certain race through which the acceptance and belief comes that it bestows the responsibility of bringing the rest to the enlightenment
Treaty organizations: Mostly military for unifying the foreign policy of the west, and often subversion and arm twisting. Used for creating smokescreens for illegal invasions
Mercenaries: Military, financial as consultants, other ‘experts’ who are the jet setters.
NGOs and Civil Societies: Often brach of international bodies works to realize their agenda in a country
Professional Bodies: All mostly western bodies
National/Multinational conglomerates: Mostly making consumer goods and services, monopoly.
Arms manufacturers or Military Industria Complex: Most powerful in the whole picture.
Energy giants: So called seven sisters, who controls the energy exploration, prices, and distribution.
Donor consortium: Controls the budget and internal policies
Central banks: Part of financial technology that controls the economy and money flow of a country
Immigration: Giving or not giving limited immigration chance to create the low class of supporters in a country.
Local dissidents of a country: Most coveted person by the media to highlight ‘west’ viewpoint through the mouth piece of a dissident.
Acts enacted on dissidents: Often used for subversion to highlight the dissidents of its origin country.
Movies and TV: Including the propaganda of the west by these and creating the ‘dream’ of the west in the minds of the people.
Pornography: It promotion, acceptability and easy accessibility and the social impact.
Cultural aggression: With the multinational companies, their country agents changing the traditional values of the country from inside by taking the youths who are vulnerable. For example, processed food and drinks industry, alcoholism, pornography promotion, gay rights, whatever is accepted recently in the west, has to be accepted by the rest as a thumb rule.
Soft power: Music bands, sports icons, movie stars, tv shows, reality shows

Next we will see how all these work together for one objective.



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