Gnoseology is frequently defined as the philosophy of knowledge, the philosophic theory of knowledge, the theory of human faculties for learning, and the theory of cognition. Furthermore, gnoseology is also seen as the metaphysical theory of knowledge. There are publications that refer to gnoseology as the theory of non-human rooted knowledge. Nikitchenko proposed to use a gnoseology-based approach for developing methodological, conceptual, and formal levels of foundations of informatics. Gramsci and Marxthe gave their views of knowledge in the ‘Gnoseology of politics’. Gnoseology is different from epistemology, the more usual word.

Bigger question: how it is relevant to geopolitics of our current world?

In his recent annual Direct Line talk to the people, Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the ideology of American exceptionalism. The Russian President stressed the incompatibility of the current American ideology with the multipolar world order sought by Russia (but who cares!):

“However, if they act on the false premise of their own exclusiveness, this will mean that they will lay claim to a special status and special rights. This is a gnoseological mistake, some experts say. It is essential to go to the root of the problem and act not from the position of force and dictate, not from the position of imperial ambitions, but to act respectfully with regard to all partners, and of course, with regard to Russia. Without this, it is impossible to build modern democratic international relations.”

In many occasions I was trying to understand the reasoning behind this ideology of the ’empire’. More so on their way of thinking, how generally they come to a conclusion on something, which sometimes seem so bizarre and out of the world phenomenon. I always though that a simple common sense on things could explain much better than those myriad of think tanks which are now working on them for the creation of these fantasies. Couldn’t actually found any way out of this quagmire.

After understanding the word Gnoseology, which is the philosophic theory of knowledge. I feel the problem of the ’empire’ lies there. In their theory of knowledge, or rather, if Putin is correct, the mistake in application of the theory is the key to problem.


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