Putin ‘Apologist’, Who Are They?

In short, if you say or do something that goes against the scripted narrative of the ‘west’ you are a Putin ‘apologist’. It is funny though, as you don’t have to be supportive of Putin for being an apologist. Just because you are not singing in the tune of the west, the perception is you are against it, or at least plotting for so. Remember the famous quote! Either you are with us or you are….! And similarly, since Putin is also ‘against’ the ‘west’, you are a Putin apologist.

Example: If you were a supporter of Scottish independence in the referendum you are a Putin Apologist (PA). If you are supporter of UK getting out of EU, you are PA! If you say the truth about the events in Ukraine you are a PA too! But things get really interesting when former London Mayor Boris Johnson speaks up about Ukraine and EU blunders about it. He is also now termed as a PA. Usually it was the lesser known mortals who are termed as PA, but now, one from the establishment itself is termed as so.

And no wonder drum beat against Boris has started from all corners of the continental Europe! This is amazing time. Well may be it was always like this, with the facade of the west so nice.


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