Understanding Information War-I

Searched about RT and BBC at the Wikipedia English page. Here is what I found. You can also do the same to check. First on BBC:


And now RT:

These two snap shots are the very beginning of the Wikipedia about the two news channels. Now lets see what is written there, and see how these two different Wikipedia pages narrate the two different channels so differently, but basically addressing same issue of introducing the two channels. It is chicanery at its ultimate best!

I am highlighting the yellow marked lines in above images and explain it below:

BBC: BBC is the public service broadcaster of the United Kingdom…..
RT: RT is Russian Government funded television network…..

BBC: ….funded principally by annual television license fee
RT: Basically the intro covered it all! Both what it is and how it is funded! Read above.

Continue reading on BBC, it is more on how it is providing services etc. Continue with RT and bingo!:
RT has been called a propaganda outlet of Russian government….
…repeatedly found RT has breached rules of impartiality….misleading content…..offers a Russian perspective.

Now lets look at the inset box at the right side of both pages. First for BBC:
Founder: A name of a person is given as the founder.
Owner: British public!  Just in case people don’t understand what does it mean: in bracket (publicly owned). Bravo!
Owned by: Russian government.

If you continue reading the BBC part more, you will not find any link of it anywhere with the British government, not a scintilla! But read the RT part, you will learn about more on Russian government than the channel itself.

This is Wikipedia on RT and BBC! Howver, the other side is getting upset more and more as their staged script is now getting clear to all, particularly to the mass who were duped by the relentless bombardment of the wmsms.


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