How the ‘Empire’ of ‘EU’ Works

So to become a member of the ’empire’ you need to reach some level/benchmark set by the rulers. Don’t get confused here, these rules e.g. improve the road standards, traffic system, improve this, that… can find it, if you google too. But these are always tied with the issues of ‘democracy’, ‘human rights’, ‘freedom of press’, ‘neo liberal systems and ideologies’. That is the face of it. You get the freedom, bla bla bla bla…..and you have the democracy, bla bla bla…..and you reached the level to become the member of the ‘heaven’ to the eyes of the millions who were brain washed for 70 some years with you know by the RFE (are they still freeing some parts of the world!) and so on. Oh yes, you have the association agreement, first. Alas, peopled even died for this in a country recently, what a dream they could have made with all the flashy displays of civilization they have just a drive away. And how the other side could suffer, with just an easy agreement on association! Here comes the savior of the free world with all their word lists and some more to do later once you are in! These  ‘some more’ that comes after the delirium is cleared to all parties, especially the receivers. But by then, it is done, marriage is sealed, you just need to lie down and enjoy the next.

Well, that is/was the script for many countries. Now, after 25 years of experiments people are coming out with some realization. You will never see these in the msms of the ’empire’, never. However, if you talk to people, you can feel that pain. Below is another one of millions out there, I am sure. It’s chilling to see how people really understands how things are going on, but still so suppressed with all these msms curtain, that I wrote a small piece earlier. This could be an example, how this curtain works so wonderfully, still we adore it! We fight for it, and may be, will continue to fight for it. Anyway, come to the reality, story next summarizes everything precisely. In short, this is what is happening, in current world:

In the Czech Republic we had since 1989 program of “economic transformation” from “poor Eastern block economy” based mainly on heavy industry to “modern West economy” based mainly on services. In the fact, Mr Klaus “privatized” nearly whole Czechoslovak industry to private gangsters and global financial mafia. When our own industry was ruined, people fired and deprived beyond any measure, we were no threat to west industry any more. We became “low qualification manufacture” for global companies, mainly automotive. Our salaries are 1/4 of EU standards – even 25 years after Velvet Revolution in 1989. All revenues from our industry is exported abroad. Our currency is devalued 45% against Euro. Can we call it a freedom ? I don’t think so. We have brainwashing headlines glorifying V. Havel and all other US puppets – the same thing as Maidan did in Ukraine with Thymoshenko. We were told, that Russia and China is responsible for all the wrongdoing in the world. Now Mrs Merkel wants us to take millions of refugees from US backed wars in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, former Yugoslavia, Iraq and may be from all the Africa. I can say,that even Mr Brezhnev was not so stupid fool and arrogant dictator as Mrs Merkel is. And I’m afraid, that people of Ukraine were misused the same way as Czech and Slovakia was. Mr Klaus is absolutely right about Ukraine but he will never confess that he is Czech analog of Mr. Yatsenyuk and that he committed the same crimes against the Czech Republic as Mr. Yatsenyuk against Ukraine.


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