Ukraine-Part 3: Mistakes only!

Recent revelations of ‘mistakes’ done by EU on Ukraine is mind boggling.

The EU Commission President acknowledged that the EU had enlarged too quickly in the past and insisted Brussels “will not make that mistake again.” Okay! Was this realization after Ukraine disaster? Yes. Here:

According to an article in Die Zeit, Juncker, President of EU said that: Ukraine will not be able to become a member of the EU in the next 20-25 years (read never).
His “revelation” came as “out-of-date acknowledgment” by Brussels that Ukraine’s choice between Russia and the EU was a “big mistake.” Well well well..!!

Those of you remember the nights and days of late December 2013 and January 2014, you must remember the extremely arrogant attitude of then EU leadership towards Russia, and its position on Ukraine. Nobody simply care about Russia’s interest. When Russia proposed a dialogue between EU and EEU, famously EU ignored that to not to give it as an equal partner level status. Rest is history of epic proportion, of deceit, duplicity and war mongering. Russia had to endure all these for the last two years, and suffering from the events that unfolded due to the ‘mistakes’ by the noble loriett EU! So, after disintegrating the country due to this mistake, loss of 9000 or 50000 (according to German intelligence) people, will there be a prosecution against those responsible for this mistake? Will there be someone punished for this crime? Looks like we are in 1984 already, some one getting punished and it is Russia! Not the EU for their admitted mistakes. God help us.

There was a report published by the UK House of Lords EU parliamentary sub-committee, in which it mentioned (link: that EU was ‘sleep walking’ with Ukraine issue without seeing the consequences. Well, surely my English is no where near the English, but terming a potential massacre and dismantling of a country with such sweet words is the ultimate forte of the ‘west’, no doubt! Now, in your sleep walk whatever you do, is okay! I am speechless. Who is going to bring these sleep walkers to justice?


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