Recently there is a glut of anti-Russian hyperbole about the imminent fall of the country. Probable collapse of the country due to this, that and what not, for the fall of oil price, ruble, sanctions…it goes on. Incidentally it is going on for last two centuries, particularly in the west. From a purely non-westerner perspective, as I am, I can’t understand the rationale or mindset behind it. Why it is so? Well till the 1991 it was understandable. A fight between the two blocks were openly going on. Then from 91 to 2000 we didn’t see it much, as Russia was really going down hill (with the so called ‘democratic’ transition) and a real ‘collapse’ was imminent that was wished by the ‘west’ for so long! So they just remained silent, enjoying the slow implosion of the country and waiting for the bust at an opportune moment and it would have been over! Well, hard luck! That didn’t happen at the end. For one person, Putin. 

Putin saved the country and turned around the country to moving it upwards. Then the problem of the ‘west’ appears again as they started the myth of collapse! Like all countries in the world Russia has many problems. That doesn’t mean it will collapse, not a single country in the world has collapsed unless it is dismantled by the ‘west’ with phony pretext, which is another topic of discussion. As I wrote before, I was really trying to understand, why? Is it because, despite being superior in technology, resources, businesses, colonialism and in many other things, that the ‘west’ feels itself inferior to Russia all the time! This is my feeling, that because of Russia’s history, culture, tradition, family values, Orthodoxy and tendency of being sovereign, ‘west’ is in a morally inferior position. They are in a materialistic world, without any spiritual values and souls. Well, they have values too! As the Chancellor once said ‘west’ is a ‘community of values’, which as I understood are the values mostly opposite to the Russian values. Which could be termed as the right to have ‘blue jeans’ values with ‘fizzy drinks’.

Now, lets say it is not. That they are not at all feeling ‘inferior’ to Russia and in fact feeling ‘superior’ to Russia in all respect at all time. Then could that be an answer to the problem? I don’t understand either. Because then why bother Russia? All the countries are inferior to them and they don’t demonize all those countries like they do for Russia. So again, why! Another logic is, that Russia is a bad country that invades other countries, and ‘west’ must protect itself from it. But look at the history, of invasions, honestly and with an open mind. You will find the answer for that too.

Then again, why is it? Well, I call it ‘sillinism’ coming from the word silliness. I had that in my mind vaguely, but I couldn’t put it into words, as I couldn’t comprehend that ‘west’ could be so low in its position to others with all its superiority and ‘values’. Is it also a part of their value? If you can take it as a logic, then things will fall in to places. I also get some clarity of the issue.

Lets here from one commentator posting here:

I am posting the comment:

Though born in England, I somehow escaped being properly “Westernized” and by 19-20 (I am now 72) I got infected with Russophilia … too complicated to explain, so instead I’ll tell you of some “Western” silliness.

Well I migrated to Western and “Western” Australia in 1971 – yes Australia IS a “Western” country and a de facto member of NATO, though half the World away … very silly, but it has been that way for a long while.

For fifteen years I lived in Albany – which is on the Southern-most tip of Western Australia (next stop Antarctica) – and there there are some fortifications built in the late 19th Century to protect against Russian invasion … it does not get sillier than that, other than for the fact that Australian governments have been obeying London, then Washington orders from when founded/invaded over 200 years ago, though getting “independence” a bit over 100 years ago from overt colonial status.

I will say that not all of “the public” in Australia, nor England, nor Europe, nor even the US are anti-Russian and especially not now … we are not all silly, but too many are still.

Best wishes, Gerry.

This is like the ‘black swan’. Until you know it remains unknown to all of us. I don’t like to believe ‘sillinism’ is an answer, but the search goes on.



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