Reader’s Comment

Below is a comment posted by one reader in an article in the Russia Insider. I re-post it here in full. This may be termed as ‘trolls’ by some, but I found it very important to understand what happened to Russia and how they close they came to complete dissolution. The comment is on the article called: Why Russian Army Is a Completely Different Beast From Its Former 1990s Self.

It also makes us wonder:

The 1990s was when Russia was literally being pillaged by the oligarchs on behalf of themselves and their western-American sponsors while thoroughly trying to corrupt governance and emptying Russia’s treasury for social infrastructure – one of which is defense.

It makes one wonder that it was part of a very, sophisticated hollowing out of the Russian state in order to render it so weakened – and then in come the american ‘security’ to ‘restore safety and efficiency’ in Russia – a virtual invasion by means of capitalist ‘american innovations in security forces’ under corporate private profit rules.

And putting in place – particularly in Russia’s national defense an American ‘homeland security’ system…watching every single Russian institution so that it follows the rules imposed by ‘legal American’ corporate structure system -just like the US is today in all levels of society, from education to health care, to retirement, to banking, to savings, to transactions, to services, to work, etc.

Literally Putin came to the fore just in the nick of time – and perhaps if in a last lucid moment – Yeltsin put Putin there with that in mind because Yeltsin may have recognized he was just too washed -up, just too exhausted to even make an effort; the only thing that could be done was hope that his ‘appointee’ could somehow survive the transition and restore Russia in some form that Yeltsin failed at. This has been one of the potentials in my mind : asking that question:

“Why Putin?”

Why did Yeltsin, being already so manipulated by western forces, still managed to make One Decision that spelled whether Russia would survive and escape the literally spreading American cancer – or fall?

One could say that Putin himself had seen the great need and forced the issue and surrounded and built with himself the proper ‘ring’ of truly loyal Russians, and ‘leaned’ on Yeltsin as a last resort. But either way – it might have been touch and go right there in 1999.

I was myself – only starting to be familiar with the internet and my immediate interests was news around the world – and when I realized how far, how deeply the USA – corporates, Exxon, Chevron, etc. were dug in with their claws in Russia.

I found it so alarming – in those earlier years – I realized how much I loved that country that sometimes I would cry just reading the news and thinking about the repercussions of what was already being done in the 1990s – literally being ravaged by the USA and their cohorts.

That admiration for Russia – that the Russian people somehow – after finally getting a leader – even if at first an ‘appointee’ that had to put together a system that still gave to the Russians a real good look at the alternatives should they be given the ‘vote’ – just great upon seeing that the Russians joined together to give Putin just the kind of mandate that they have ever since.

Furious as the USA and the west have been ever since at that choice by the Russian people.

A choice for their independence and regaining their sovereignty from the near take-over by the Thief from across the Atlantic.

That story of Russia in 1990’s – in the weakness and chaos and almost despairing loss of confidence – after the USSR and its quick lines of very exhausted leaders – followed immediately by betrayal after betrayal – to hand over Russia to the USA and westerners – should come down in history as one of the most tragic episodes of countries – and the most damning of the viciousness of the Americans.

I think Russians should teach their children to beware of ‘Americans and friends bearing gifts’.

It is not nice to say that is about how countries should educate or tell stories to their children – but such stories – would not be lies – nor prejudices, nor myths or fairy tales.
They are real – and the Russian people were pillaged by the USA and its cohorts – just like the barbarians and savage callous ones they continue to prove themselves to be – right to this moment. Not just with Russia but any country they could reach their claws into.
Very powerful. Thanks to the contributor.


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