Ukraine-Part 2: What Had Happened-Dummy’s View

In part 2 of Ukraine saga, lets analyse what happened. Consider that these are all secondary information received from all types of sources. So, first we consider what it is for all parties involved and how they are all linked.

EU: They were in a discussion with the Ukraine government for the association agreement as part of their enlargement plan. At that point of time in Ukraine AA was regarded as such that it is like becoming a member of the EU! Turkey signed this in the 1960s. EU is looking for outlet of its produces with more than 40 million people, who after opening up the economy like other eastern European countries will lose its manufacturing and industrial base completely due to competition. Part of Ukraine is also interested in this, but the then President was reluctant as it would not be beneficial for them considering there trading with Russia. So they decided not to sign the AA. It was a calculated slap to the EU’s plan. Obviously they were furious and outraged and tried to save their face. Supported the putsch against the elected government of Yanukovich, though EU is famous for its promotion of so called ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ all over the world as directed by its master across the ‘pond’.

US: Spent 5 billion dollars since the collapse of the Soviet Union, to untangle Ukraine from its big neighbor which is also ethnically and culturally close to it. With the AA issue, came the chance to take full benefit of the crises and they took it. It would be killing many birds with one stone. Install a puppet government of US control in the country, take it out of Russian orbit, harm Russian defense industry which is some what reliant on the Ukraine industry, bring Ukraine to NATO (read global preemptive strike force closer to Russia), expel the Russian black sea fleet out of Crimea and make it a NATO base, and most importantly take it out of the Russian led Eurasian Economic Union.

Russia: Ukraine is like a syamis twin. They were same country for last 70 years before 90s. Ethnically, culturally, economically it is very very interlinked. Much of Russia’s gas export goes through Ukraine to Europe. Geopolitically it is the red line for Russia, be it for EU or NATO engagement in Ukraine. So when things started to unravel in those days of February 2014 Russia had to save its interest from complete disaster, though some what weak and delayed. It saved Crimea, from annihilation by the puppet regime and its masters (who dont care about civilian lives as we saw in Donbass).

Ukraine: Illusioned by the dream of being EU member overnight, gave in to the trickery of the west with out considering the consequences. Inferiority complex was at its peak while considered everything in the west is superior, while demeaning their own legacy, culture and history, by demeaning Russia and its joint past and present. Took it as a revolution to break out from Russia and hoped that west will support them in this and make them ‘west’ too.

Who got/lost what: Ukraine lost is elected government. Got a puppet of US as government which is run by equally pathetic politician etc. from Georgia etc. Lost business with Russia in many ways. After lots of fighting lost Crimea and Donbass. Got lot of US advisors on how to fight their own countrymen called as terrorist after February 2014. Will lose the pipeline completely in few years as Russia is planning the alternatives. Got neo Nazi groups which is avoided by the wmsms completely to keep out of their readers.

Russia lost its ally and key element of EEU. Lost its business military facilities. Got Crimea. Lost its image a lot due to the support to the Donbass. Emerged as an international heavy weight against US as it was dwindling and gone completely by the first decade of this century. Suffering from the sanctions planned by the US and supported (forcefully through ‘arm twisting’ as mentioned by POTUS BO. Some says that sanctions is good for the country, though its debatable.

US: Got all boxes ticked. Put one more country in chaos (with the usual process followed by the name of ‘democracy’, promoting western ‘values’), create division in EU, create division between Russia and Europe in business, and economy so both will suffer (EU with arm twisted). Demonize Russia as the bad guy and with bad intentions to invade all small EU countries. Got oil price down to punish Russia. Lost Crimea. Wonder, who had hatched all these, for all these years, and how are they now calculating!

EU: Got AA finally!! Had a huge blood infusion the EU ailing organs, with 4o million consumers. Soon all EU brands will shine on the road side billboards of the Ukraine. Though ‘sleep walking’ according to UK analysis, in tearing apart it from Russia and bringing it in its own sphere, woke up finally and started to realize the mess they have created. Including the MH 17, which is also planned to demonize Russia but back fired with loss of many EU citizens (why US dont reveal the info to the Dutch investigator!).

Note: this is kind of birds eye view. Things may have different dimensions, which I am not aware of. On a general note, this is a fight between Russia and the US (with EU is forced to fight along side US).


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