(MS)Media Blackout: Syrian ‘Cessation of Hostilities’

Syrian ‘civil’ war (west supported war) is seeing some opportunity to end the hostilities as, Russia and US (imagine who is fighting in the war!) reached an agreement. Well Russia started to support Assad government since last September. Before that, if it was a civil war, how US is involved! Anyway, they agreed to the secession of hostilities from February 27. President Putin declared it in televised address to the citizens of Russia. Must be a so called ‘Breaking News’ staff for the MSMs too! Alas! They behaved just as I predicted. I was looking at BBC website, nothing! Even I was thinking, am I at the right site? Is it the .com site or .co.uk site? No, it is the BBC site and nothing. I am talking about the time of the announcement and reaction of these ‘media’s. I didn’t check later.

All major US media, same. Germany same.

May be they are waiting for their masters to decide on how to report on that and then they would be start howling, just as they did when Malaysian airline was downed over Ukraine. They did act in lighteling speed in that case, all blaming Putin at unison! Was that because it was all planned and scripts were ready for them! No one knows.

So this is how our citizens of western world are dealt with the information. They are bombarded with live news on what not, but not this one. I keep note of this.


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