Mind Control Technique 1: Media Blackout

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held his annual press conference on Tuesday, 26 January before an audience of about 150 journalists, national as well as of western main stream media (WMSM).

The Minister had 15 minutes of opening remarks and two hours for answering questions. Not a single report of the event has yet appeared on major online American, French, British, German newspaper portals or television channels what we call wmsm! There is a complete media blackout on this. Like previous black outs of annual press conferences of President Vladimir Putin. His many important speeches were completely overlooked and paid no heed at all.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova once commented regarding a similar news blackout that followed another major Russian press briefing. She said: ‘What are all these accredited Western reporters doing in Moscow if nothing gets published abroad? Do they have some other occupation?’. Indeed! Why are they there?
In the wmsm you get the narrative of western countries on any event. On the same event there are different narratives of Russia, China, India, and of the whole world. But we are continuously fed with only one narrative from the west. With one perspective that is suitable for the west only. Our mind naturally progammed to accept the same narrative that we are getting from these sources with glittering glare and illusion (which we are not mindful of). And when speeches like of Lavrov or Putin is published in wmsm, it will definitely give you a different narrative than what they were telling you all through! That will strike the minds of the viewers, readers who has time and brain to compare. It will dent the wmsm’s game plan. Simple way out, complete blackout of alternative narratives that is not suitable with your one.

Lavrov covered many issues of international affairs on which we were being fed with skewed and slanted stories by the msm. No wonder, they are not even willing to read these least is to publish on their own. We are missing all the time this different narrative, some due to the lack of initiative, some due to plain belief on the msms.


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