Ukraine – part 1: Mind Control

Since November-December 2013 Ukraine is at the center stage of world geopolitics. It is still there, but with a different reality. My interest in blogs, alternative media started at that time too. For some reasons blog-sphere also exploded since then. All coming from the same point of view and understanding. Surely with different opinions. I started feeling a life with joy, with a breath of fresh air to get immersed in the blog sphere with the inundation of the new thoughts. Why?

Well, I was an avid viewer of MSM since early 90s when I was in high school. Mesmerized with the glitter of the then unknown part of the world, and eager devour all things ‘good’! But more so to strengthen my listening skills of English by watching all those rubbish for hours as it was not my native language. Surely I benefited a lot to hon my skills, with all the toxic (for mind) news channels that I used to watch. And of course I was least interested in geopolitics and the agenda of MSM that they were (still are, though I am free from it now) fixing in the minds of the masses that time. It took a long time to realize the grand scheme. That we are in real ‘1984’ with the ministry of ‘truth’ all over with these medias. Mind control was working perfectly, and it is still working.

Banner in front of Canadian Parliament Building. People are there, and are awakening!

But to protest mind control, first we need to know that we are being controlled. How we are being controlled. Why. Ukraine saga opened all these and brought to the day light. Things started to fall in to places nicely. Grand scheme that started after the second world war, with the Breton Woods agreement, msm, alphabet agencies, shared values, neo colonialism continued till the collapse of the Soviet Union. After the collapse it went to another level with full force of the ‘winner’.

This is an epic unraveling of recent history of domination, not in the way of 17 century European colonialism, but with a more refined, sophisticated, and subtle way of hegemony and dominance by modern Europe and their masters across the ‘pond’. Through deception, illusion, manipulation and many more of such things. We will try to understand what happened in Ukraine, why, on what purpose from these point of view. Will also try to find the views of the people to get a balanced perspective. There are myriad of writings in the blog-sphere on this apparently monumental event that shocked the world. Many different views came out, both from east and west. Will try to formulate an objective evaluation. With clear realization that I am not an expert, I don’t have first hand information, not from the inner circles of any side, not an academic in this field, not affected by the toxicity of msm, and not influenced by the blog-sphere bombardments too! With all these possible disclaimers, most importantly, not being originated from either the so called the ‘west’ or the ‘east’.  This will allow a remote possibility to find out, impartially, what is/was going on.





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