Power of Blue Jeans!

Apparently never in the history of the world, an innocent looking pair of clothing has become such a power icon, or power weapon! But now it is, an icon of certain part of the world, where the sun naturally sets everyday. It is a symbol of materialism, of freedom, liberty, and not sure, but may be even of ‘democracy’. Anyway, it is blue jeans, may be one you are wearing now while reading this, like this:
I have great respect for some blog. I benefited from reading these erudite pieces on different Russian perspectives, old and recent. But I was saddened by a recent pathetic effort to embolden their part of the world with the equivalent of a pair of clothing. I wanted to rest my case, was thinking on my way home, after reading it, but thought, lets analyze it. From all perspectives.

To put matter straight, the thought is, if someone wears a pair of blue jeans, he is beholder of the materialistic western values. To understand more about the materialism I googled for images and found this.

Fine! Very clear…whoever you are, wherever you are from, you want (you don’t need though) all these, if you are living in this era of time. You con manage well without these as well. But that is another discussion. Question is whether materialism is synonymous with the west. Its their only right be be materialistic and if other people become so, then they are loosing their own traditional values embracing this illustrious value!

Now can you trade all these with your soul! Will you? Apparently yes, as a ‘Russian soul’ with its spiritual mindedness, is different from materialistic western minds. So if someone spiritual from Russia wears a blue jeans he will become materialistic and lose his soul or spirituality. I am still trying to understand the dichotomy here! How these two could be even compared at the first place. But, well, that is how it is in some places, your freedom, and so on will be with your passion and addiction of some Mc junks and blue things. Lets be clear, while wearing this I cant be spiritual, I loose my soul. I have become a part of the ‘materialistic community’! Appalling! How your inferiority complex could bring you so low. Well for them its superiority though. What do they have to offer except these!

But the aim is undermine the Russian soul, that Russians are not any more spiritual and all of them don’t have the soul any more as they are becoming materialistic with proof of the blue jeans. And it seems it is a great source of joy too! Well, enjoy then!



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