News Puzzle

Headlines of today’s newspapers placed in front of a 7 Eleven shop:

The four headlines (translated) read as:
Dagbladet: Controversy over Schengen
Aftenposten: Mass abuses in Koln is a Turning Point
tatoil drop dividends
Morgenbladet: I
nside of Putin’s media world

How to solve the puzzle?
Hints: Syrian war refugees, Western values, Low oil price, Anti Russian propaganda

Amazing that how the Anti Russian propaganda still continuing despite the unprecedented events unfolding in continental Europe! All these events are the results of a cataclysmic failure of so called ‘community of values’ as declared by Frau Chancellor. When France initiated the toppling of certain regime, it foretold the events to the then leaders of Europe which are now unfolding in Europe. Unhindered by megalomaniac ego, they bulldozed these countries with their ‘values’ to ‘liberate’ some ‘medieval’ nations and bring them to ‘modernity’. Well modernity comes with some hazards as well, it seems, though not foreseen when bulldozing was going on. And Russia, its leaders, repeatedly told the so called ‘community’ to not to do these which are now coming back to them! Well now when Russia is proved to be on the right side, anti-Russian propaganda dwarfs even cold war time acrimoniousness.

The Syrian war was, initiated for one of the reasons behind, as rumors go, also to have the gas pipeline from middle east to Europe through Syria. This pipeline was aimed to undermine the Russian energy monopoly in Europe and thus reduce its influence in the region as energy supplier. Things were going on well for four years, but with no end result of the pipeline dream! Syria resisted the plot from the beginning, being a close ally of Russia.

The war inevitably created refugees in millions, who, spilled over to Europe in hundreds of thousands. Schengen visa free zone is in danger of collapse due to the inflow of refugees. Some places abuses by refugees, who are from a completely different world with different upbringing, were reported. In October 2015, things started to reverse for Syria. Russia started air campaign in Syria to support the government forces in the civil war. Promptly the anti Russian propaganda sky rocketed in the ‘community of values’. Oil price was artificially brought down by House of Saud and its master to punish Russia to block their pipe dream. Hence, as collateral damage, Statoil, largest Norwegian oil company suffered huge losses due to low oil price and drops dividends.

So, when media is in Russia it is Putin’s media, and not free! When it was during Yeltsin time, it was free! Because looting by the ‘community’ was going on unabated and full swing. Of course when media is in the ‘community’ it is free like a bird. Only until a certain German journalist punctured the balloon of the free media myth.


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